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CHECKOUT: How Injuries Make The Lakers’ Rotation Look For Thursday’s Preseason Game Finale?

The Los Angeles Lakers had their fair share of injuries in the previous seasons. These injuries have always played the role of obstacles for the LA side. They have not been able to win a title since 2020. Moreover, due to injuries, they even missed out on making the playoffs in the 2021-22 season. However, they did well last season as they managed to reach the Western Conference Finals. Despite LeBron James and Anthony Davis missing several games last season with severe injuries, the Lakers shocked the fans after making the postseason. Currently, the 17-time champions are busy planning their rotation in the preseason games.

They cannot wait for the new regular season to begin. Neither can the fans and experts. The Lakers will meet the Denver Nuggets in their season opener on October 24. Moreover, the LA side has some score to settle with the Nuggets. After all, the new defending champions blew the LA side away in four games of the conference finals. But before the Lakers get ready for the season opener, they have one more game in the preseason to deal with. On Thursday, the Lakers will face the Phoenix Suns. What kind of starting lineup should the fans expect to see the Lakers come up with?


Lakers Head Coach Might Not Want To Risk Any Injuries In The Preseason Finale

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Jarred Vanderbilt Lakers Source: Lake Show Life

Darvin Ham said prior to the preseason games mentioned that he would tinker with the rotation. That’s what he has been doing this preseason. But it is good as the coach is getting a clear idea about the starters and the reserves in the training camp. Moreover, the Lakers have a lot of depth and balance in their current roster. Hence, it won’t be easy to ask any of these players to sit out. But in other words, this depth allows Darvin Ham to decrease the workload of key players like LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

The James-Davis duo have not played in all these preseason games so far. Currently, the Lakers are down 2-3 in the preseason. They would like to head to the regular season with a .500 record. Hence, they would like to beat the Suns in their preseason finale. In the last game, the Lakers lost to the Milwaukee Bucks 108-97. Many key players like LeBron James, Austin Reaves, Gabe Vincent, Jarred Vanderbilt, and Jalen Hood-Schifino didn’t play in that game. Vando didn’t play due to heel injury. No wonder they didn’t end up winning.

Darvin Ham Might Give All Anticipated Regular Season Choices Some Action Against The Suns On Thursday

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Darvin Ham Anthony Davis Lakers Source: ESPN

However, Anthony Davis was in top form for the time he played in the game against the Bucks. Now, the question is, what are the Lakers going to do against the Suns? They might not want to risk any more injuries. Already, Jarred Vanderbilt is out of the preseason due to a sore left heel injury.

It is doubtful if he can play the season opener against the Nuggets. However, Lakers.com’s Mike Trudell predicts almost all the anticipated regular season rotation can play in the final preseason game. They would like to win the final game in the preseason to move to the regular season with a positive mind.