Juan Soto
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Generational star Juan Soto was traded to the New York Yankees this off-season and subsequently signed a record $31 million arbitration contract before he enters free agency in 2025. Soto is on his third team in the last four years and will surely look to find a permanent home next off-season.

Of course, only teams with big pockets will enter Juan Soto’s free agency sweepstakes, as the superstar’s market value is estimated at $500 million. New York Yankees, Mets, LA Dodgers, and many more remain premium contenders. However, an underdog team could steal Soto with the presence of a familiar face close to Soto.


Phillies Can Lure Juan Soto With Kevin Long Reunion Offer!

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As Juan Soto approaches free agency, one factor that could heavily influence his decision is familiarity. Soto likes to feel at home wherever he goes, and currently, the New York Yankees have given him that comfort. However, the Yanks won’t possibly be able to afford a $500 million worth of Soto. That being said, the Philadelphia Phillies can use the familiarity aspect to their advantage. The Phillies may hold particular appeal for Soto due to the presence of hitting coach Kevin Long on their staff. Kevin Long has a longstanding relationship with the generational star. The coach previously served as the hitting coach for the Washington Nationals during Soto’s early years in the league. Long is widely regarded as one of the premier hitting coaches in baseball.

Therefore, his impact on Juan Soto’s development as a hitter cannot be understated. Under Long’s guidance, Soto has blossomed into one of the most dynamic offensive talents in the game before the former parted ways to join the Phillies. While Soto was deeply annoyed with the departure, Kevin Long achieved equal success with the Phillies as well. Previously, the likes of Bryce Harper, Trea Turner, and Kyle Schwarber, coached by Long, chose to return to the Phillies in free agency. However, to land Juan Soto, the Phillies will have to deepen their pockets. The team must show commitment and monetary capabilities to lure the generational star to Philadelphia. Besides, the franchise must also offer Soto the chance to be a centerpiece of their lineup for years to come. All these factors could make Phillies an ideal destination for the next chapter of Soto’s career.

Soto Calls Yankees ‘Family’ After Record Start To The Season!


Juan Soto has quickly become attached to the New York Yankees and their fans. On his home debut, Soto was the center of attraction and received all the applause from the crowd. He admitted being surprised by the amount of love he had received in just the initial weeks of the season.

Besides, Juan Soto also addressed the clubhouse atmosphere and added that the team felt like a family. Since the start of the season, the ground has stuck together, and everybody remains on the same page regarding the vision and goals for the year. So, overall, he loves the vibe of New York and everything about being a part of the esteemed organization.

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