Steve Kerr Stephen Curry Warriors
Steve Kerr Stephen Curry Warriors Source: CBS Sports

Stephen Curry shocked the Golden State Warriors and their fans when he twisted his right ankle. He could not play the rest of the game against the Chicago Bulls in the fourth quarter. When he left, the Dubs were leading the Bulls 112-110. But without Curry, the GSW lost momentum. As a result, the Bulls defeated the home team 125-122. However, that was not more concerning than what happened to the three-point King. The Dub Nation wants to know if King Curry is healthy and when he will return to the lineup. After the Bulls game, the seven-time champion had another home game, and they lost yet again. The last home game was against the San Antonio Spurs, which ended up being a blowout loss for the Golden State Warriors at Chase Center.

But the Spurs are currently the 15th seed of the Western Conference. Klay Thompson and Jonathan Kuminga scored pretty well. But they were not good enough to beat the Victor Wembanyama-less SA Spurs. As a result, the Dubs dropped to 10th seed from 9th after back-to-back losses. If the Warriors are not good enough to beat a bottom-placed team without Curry, things can get even more difficult against stronger sides. That’s why the fans want Steph to return before it gets too late. Moreover, the question is if Curry can play the game against the Dallas Mavericks.


Warriors Coach Says Stephen Curry Is Unlikely To Play Against The Mavericks

Stephen Curry Steve Kerr Warriors
Stephen Curry Steve Kerr Warriors Source: Inc. Magazine

At present, Stephen Curry is healing from the injury he sustained on his right ankle. But the team will likely miss their talismanic leader on Wednesday when they face the Dallas Mavericks. It will be another away game for the Warriors after they defeated the Spurs on Monday. The Warriors had two back-to-back losses they faced at home. However, they came back stronger against the Spurs at AT&T Center. But things might get even more difficult for the Dubs on the road without Curry. After the win against the Spurs at Frost Bank Center, Steve Kerr gave an update on Steph Curry’s injury.

The Dubs coach mentioned that the team may have to go through their three-game road trip without their leader. Moreover, Kerr said he does not expect Curry to be ready for the Dallas game. The MRI revealed Stephen Curry had no structural damage to the joint. However, the team will re-evaluate his ankle on Tuesday, as per Steve Kerr. Albeit the team proved they can win on the road without their talismanic leader, the fans will surely hope Curry returns as soon as possible. 

Steve Kerr Desperately Needed The Win Against The Spurs

Steve Kerr Warriors
Steve Kerr Warriors Source: Blue Man Hoop

On Monday, the Golden State Warriors had their revenge against the Spurs, beating them 112-102 in San Antonio. Later, the Warriors coach told the reporters in the post-game interview that they really needed that win. Moreover, Kerr said there are tougher games coming up.

But he is glad that they won against the Spurs on Monday. Steve Kerr mentioned that the Dubs are fighting down the stretch of the season at present. Hence, the Dubs coach said the win does good for the team’s confidence, especially without Stephen Curry. 

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