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The New York Yankees had Gods of Baseball play for them once upon a time. It started with the great Babe Ruth, who changed the history of the NY side and the game forever. Initially, he won three championships with the Boston Red Sox. But to their utter bad luck, the Red Sox traded the Bambino to the Bronx Bombers. And it changed the course of the history of the game. The great Bambino won four titles with the NY side. He transformed his game from a great pitcher to a great hitter. And what a slugger Babe Ruth really was.

He had the all-time leading record for most home runs in his career until Henry Aaron surpassed him. Later, Barry Bonds surpassed Aaron to become the all-time leading home run hitter. Anyway, the great Bambino slugged 714 home runs in his long and illustrious career. Moreover, Babe Ruth was a charter member of the 500 home run club. Anyhow, Bonds ended his career with a record 762 homers. But these players were all in the past. Does the Yankees have any player in their roster at present who can get into that elite 500-homer club?


Which Current Yankees Have What It Takes To Get Into The 500 Home-Run Club?

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In the history of the sport, only 28 players have reached the great milestone of 500 homers. Recently, analyzed that 13 players in the league currently have a slim chance to get there. But how many players do the Yankees have currently who can reach the milestone? As per, the Bronx Bombers have three such hitters who can get there. First of all, Giancarlo Stanton is, at present, the closest to that elite club. The 34-year-old designated hitter of the NY side has slugged 402 homers so far in his career. But lately, he has lost form and has become too injury-prone. Before joining the Yankees in 2018, Stanton had a great stint with the Miami Marlins that helped him get so close.

Moreover, believes Stanton will get there in time. On the other hand, the Yankees have their two superstars, Aaron Judge and Juan Soto who can get to that mark. The Yankees captain has hit 257 homers in his career so far. He won the AL MVP in 2022 for hitting 62 home runs. Judge broke the single-season AL record in 2022 that belonged to Roger Maris. If Judge can get there, he would be one of the few to hit 220 to 270 home runs after turning 31 and making it to 500 overall. Only David Ortiz and Rafael Palmeiro have been able to do that. But what about the newest Yankees member?

How Soon Can Juan Soto Get To The 500 Home-Run Club?

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So far, the Dominican superstar has hit 160 home runs in his MLB career. It has been only six years for Soto in the major league. Juan Soto averages 162 games of 33 home runs. Moreover, he has been relatively durable in these six years. He has plenty more years to go in his career. After all, Soto is just 25 years old. Looking at his average, it should take Juan Soto another 10 years to join that elite club of 500 homers. sure suggests something like that if Soto can stay in New York for long term and use the benefit of protection that sluggers like Judge and Stanton would provide him. Moreover, he should retain his durability and then that would work just fine. Then, the greats, Alex Rodriguez, Mickey Mantle and of course, Babe Ruth will have company.