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Baseball, often described as a game of inches and unpredictable outcomes, has a way of testing even the most seasoned players. For New York Yankees captain Aaron Judge, this season has been no exception. His performance in the first few weeks of the season has not met the lofty expectations.

As of this writing, Aaron Judge is hitting .183 with 3 home runs and 11 RBIs. It takes no genius to decode the numbers that are way below the judge’s standards. However, irrespective of the slow start, the New York Yankees are unbothered and rather referred to his slump as part and parcel of baseball.


Aaron Judge Says Ups And Downs With Form Is A Part Of Baseball!

Aaron Judge (Yankees)
After his 0-for-4 night on Wednesday, Judge is now hitting .178 to begin the regular season .AP

New York Yankees captain Aaron Judge hasn’t hit the celling this year with his production with the bat. While his team has stacked up wins, the captain’s performance is touted as a concerning factor. In a recent series against Toronto Blue Jays, Judge went hitless in the first two games, which eventually cost the Bombers their first series loss of the year. However, irrespective of the odds, the former MVP is confident in his ability to bounce back. Speaking with NJ Media, Judge said he goes through several ups and downs throughout the year, and it’s just a part of the sport that he signed up for. While the start is nothing he would have imagined, showing up every day with the intent to fight matters a lot to Judge.

“Just like every year, I’m still trying to improve, still trying to work,” Aaron Judge told NJ Media. The Yankees captain also clarified that the injury he endured during spring training wasn’t a factor contributing to his ill form. It’s just that he is not able to hit the pitches that land in his zone. But overall, the slugger is working hard behind the scenes to put up quality at-bats, as results will eventually follow. “We gotta keep throwing out good at-bats, take my walks when I can if I don’t get anything, and just keep staying aggressive,” added the Yankee captain. Overall, with barely a month into the season, Aaron Judge’s form shouldn’t be concerning. He is a quality player accustomed to his lows. As a seasoned slugger, Judge will undoubtedly bounce back before the Bronx Bombers encounter any trouble this year.

Marcus Stroman Endorses Yankees Hitting Lineup After Sensational Vs Jays!

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The New York Yankees won the series finale against Toronto Blue Jays on Wednesday after stacking up four runs in the ninth innings. Needless to say, starter Marcus Stroman, who had a decent outing, was left largely impressed. He said the Yanks hitting lineup consisting of captain Aaron Judge can explode anytime.

The late surge against the Blue Jays was incredible to watch, Stroman added. Indeed, the Aaron Judge-led side pulled off a stellar show to steal a lost game. The Blue Jay’s final attempt to level the scores was foiled by Anthony Volpe’s athletic defensive play at infield as the Yanks avoided a series sweep.

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