Juan Soto
Juan Soto Source: Deadspin

The New York Yankees need reinforcement in their roster. They had a terrible 2023 season, failing to make the postseason. In 2023, the Bronx Bombers had the second-worst batting average. They were only better than the Oakland Athletics. Moreover, they didn’t make the postseason for the first time since 2016. It has been a long time since Derek Jeter’s team won the World Series in 2009. Since 2009, the Yankees have never made it to the World Series.

It can be very frustrating for the ardent fans of the franchise. Moreover, the team is aging and dealing with a lot of injuries to key players. In the last season, injuries really made it worse for the Yankees. Most importantly, the injury to captain Aaron Judge was a real game-changer. Clearly, the Bronx Bombers are heavily dependent on their captain. He’s the only superstar outfielder available on their roster. Hence, they need another young but superstar hitter. And who’s better than Juan Soto?


Juan Soto Is The Player That Can Change The Luck For The Yankees

Juan Soto
Juan Soto Source: NBC Sports

He will be a free agent at the end of the next season. But the San Diego Padres can’t accommodate him anymore because they need to slash payroll. Hence, they might be willing to trade Juan Soto. On the other hand, the Yankees were looking for a lefty slugger/outfielder. And Soto is definitely the best lefty outfielder available at present. The Yankees can have him for a one-term deal until he becomes a free agent. But to sign him, the Padres are asking them to give a lot of young, talented players. The Padres need pitchers, and the Yankees have a pretty solid bullpen. But the Bronx Bombers also want to reinforce their pitching department.

Hence, they are looking for a superstar international free agent in the Japanese sensation Yoshinobu Yamamoto. But the NY side must ensure balance and stability in the roster before they make their moves. However, Juan Soto can surely help the Yankees improve their offense. The Padres superstar has proved that he is skilled enough to transform a lineup on his own. He can be the answer to the puzzle. Soto can help the 27-time champions have a roster that’s steady and has enough balance. Hence, it is one of those rare opportunities that Brian Cashman and his front office should not let go of.

NY Side Needs Significant Changes Ahead Of The Next Season

Carlos Rodon Yankees
Carlos Rodon Yankees Source: SFGATE

However, since Juan Soto is a one-year rental at this point, the Yankees might not risk emptying the farm so soon for him. If they really want Soto, the Yankees may trade Clarke Schmidt, Michael King and so on. But they would like to bet on Carlos Rodon to bounce back stronger next season. The Yankees would bet on last year’s free agent prize. Moreover, if they sign Yamamoto, then alongside Rodon, the Yankees can have a deadly pitching department.

Moreover, they finished with an 82-80 record this year. How can any fan be okay with that record? No wonder if the fans start revolting against the franchise. The Oakland A’s fans have done that. They’ve tried to use the reverse boycott strategy to show their frustration with the franchise. Who knows if the NY fans will start doing that sooner rather than later?