Sean Casey Yankees
Sean Casey Yankees Source: ESPN

The New York Yankees had an abysmal season this year. It has been one of the worst in the franchise’s history. Moreover, they barely managed to finish with a winning season. Hence, it was a tremendous shame. Anyway, if the Yankees have to let somebody go, then who will it be? The NY side had a terrible and dismal offense this season. But Sean Casey was certainly not the best choice for solving the troubles with the terrible offense of the Yankees.

The Bronx Bombers could not hit when it mattered the most this season. That’s the result why they are out so soon. Apparently, Sean Casey had formed a pretty good connection with the likes of DJ LeMahieu, Aaron Judge, and Gleybar Torres. Moreover, it looks like Sean Casey is a highly enjoyable presence out of the clubhouse. Then the question arises: why did the 12-year-old veteran say he won’t return to the Yankees coaching staff for the next season?


What Actually Went Wrong Between The Yankees And Sean Casey?

Sean Casey Yankees
Sean Casey Yankees Source: Bleacher Report

However, the rumor is that Brian Cashman and Aaron Boone wanted to offer an extension of his contract. But did Casey say no to the Yankees? However, on Wednesday, Casey said they never reached the stage of talking about an extension. Moreover, some authentic insiders shared the information that the reason why the Yankees hired Casey was to connect with some of their big league players. But Sean Casey continued to teach Dillon Lawson constantly at the minor league level. Moreover, Dillon was apparently an ill-suited communicator.

Anyway, Sean Casey would fail if he had not made any significant improvement in a span of a couple of months. Moreover, Casey really could not do much in those two months. On top of that, with a failure of this season, the fans won’t care much regarding the Yankees firing Casey, or the latter just say “No.” Moreover, it seems the Yankees can’t decide on following the old-school philosophy of Sean Casey. Sean Casey was there to preach patience and contact. Anyway, it would be much better if the NY Side followed a system-wide philosophy instead of hanging on to trusted voices that’s out there. 

How Can The Bronx Bombers Turn Things Around Next Season?

Aaron Boone Yankees
Aaron Boone Yankees Source: Sports Illustrated

Since 2016, the NY side, for the first time, failed to make the postseason. Moreover, the franchise faced several injury concerns to key players. Hence, the Injured List did not help the team’s cause as usual. But the 27-time World Series champions have an extra month this offseason to prepare themselves for the next season. Can the Bronx Bombers rise again when their backs are against the wall at present? Only time can answer that question.

But the captain, Aaron Judge, looks confident that his team can pull things back next season. However, the fans are not happy with certain members of the Yankees coaching staff. For instance, many fans of the Bronx Bombers trolled Aaron Boone, the manager, and asked him to leave. But Boone’s contract expires at the end of the next season. Moreover, Captain Judge wants Boone to continue.