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REPORTS: Did Lando Norris Reject Red Bull’s MEGA Offer To Become Max Verstappen’s Teammate?

The 2023 Formula 1 season has been truly exciting, with remarkable performances and unexpected twists. One of the central stories this year has been the impressive rise of Lando Norris. However, the ongoing talk of him possibly joining Red Bull Racing alongside his close friend, Max Verstappen, has been a topic of heated discussion in the F1 world.

Lando Norris Apparently Rejected Red Bull!

In recent news, F1 expert Joe Saward provided valuable insights into Lando Norris’s decision-making process. Red Bull Racing was rumored to be interested in signing Norris as their second driver. This was to team up with the reigning world champion, Max Verstappen. Norris has proven himself as one of the top drivers on the grid. This made him an appealing option for the team. Saward emphasized the significance of Sergio Perez’s position in the 2023 F1 season. Perez has faced challenges in keeping up with Verstappen. 

Lando Norris McLaren

This led to speculation about Lando Norris possibly making a move to Red Bull. “There was some talk a few weeks ago that they were considering buying Lando Norris out of his McLaren contract so that he could race alongside Max Verstappen in 2024. Everyone denied it, but there were definitely discussions. I am told that in the end, Lando decided against it, perhaps because McLaren’s performance improved,” Saward wrote.

Who Will Replace Sergio Perez At Red Bull If Not Norris?

With Lando Norris choosing to remain with McLaren, the question arises: Who will take Sergio Perez’s place at Red Bull if not Norris? The team has a reputation for developing young talents, and they may continue with this tradition. Moreover, they might look within their own Red Bull Junior Team for potential candidates. Drivers like Yuki Tsunoda and Liam Lawson could be on their radar. Alternatively, the Milton-Keynes-based team could explore options outside of their junior program. Teams often encounter surprises in the ever-changing F1 driver market. Also, Red Bull Racing may consider experienced drivers who can contribute to the team’s quest for more championships.

Sergio Perez Red Bull

Meanwhile, as of now, Lando Norris has two more years left on his contract with McLaren, and he remains fully committed to the Papaya team. However, the F1 world is ever-changing, and only time will reveal whether Norris will continue with McLaren beyond 2025 or explore new opportunities in the dynamic world of Formula 1. Lando Norris’s choice to stay with McLaren has provided clarity in a sport known for its uncertainties. Red Bull Racing, on the other hand, faces the challenge of finding the right driver to team up with Max Verstappen as they aim for continued success in the F1 world. The 2023 season promises to be an exciting one, with new developments and surprises just around the corner.