Lewis Hamilton Daniel Ricciardo
Lewis Hamilton Daniel Ricciardo Source: PlanetF1

Sir Lewis Hamilton has been nothing short of a champion since he made his F1 debut 15 years ago. At present, there is no driver who’s more successful than the great Briton. He has won the most Grand Prix with 103. Also, Hamilton has won the most pole positions as well as secured the most podium finishes in F1’s history. Everybody knows he won the most number of Driver’s World championships along with Michael Schumacher at seven.

He could have won a record eight titles in 2021 if it was not for the race director’s controversial conduct. Later, FIA fired Michael Masi, naming his fault as “Human error.” Anyway, the Brackley team is working on the next year’s car after gathering all the information they could have. But they will also wait and see what will happen in the final race of the year. Lewis Hamilton is trying everything he can to end his and his team’s winless streak. Lately, he was spying on Alpha Tauri’s floor.


How Can Back-Marking The Floor Of Alpha Tauri Help Mercedes Moving Forward?

Daniel Ricciardo Alpha Tauri
Daniel Ricciardo Alpha Tauri Source: RacingNews365

Anyhow, Hamilton will try to gather any information he can to help his team improve their fortunes. Speaking to Channel 4, Lewis Hamilton mentioned that he was taking snapshots of every car, not only that of Daniel Ricciardo’s car. He just hopes that some of those pieces of information can be usable to better their own car, at least for the next year. Moreover, Lewis Hamilton also mentioned that he always engages in discussions with the team back in Brackley. They are trying to push for any extra time they can find.

Moreover, Hamilton hopes that next year will be different and believes the winter will be beneficial for Mercedes. Anyway, taking a peek at other team’s cars has been a habit of Red Bull designer Adrian Newey. He always keeps his notebook closer and never misses an opportunity to look at other cars. Moreover, Sebastian Vettel, too, has been famous for peeking at his rival’s car. People affectionately called him “Inspector Seb.” Similarly, Lewis Hamilton is trying to do the same thing to help his team turn things around for the next season. Can Mercedes challenge Red Bull for the title in 2024? Only time can answer that question. 

Can Lewis Hamilton And Mercedes End The Season With Securing P2 Spots?

Lewis Hamilton George Russell Mercedes
Lewis Hamilton George Russell Mercedes Source: Eurosport

Moreover, Lewis Hamilton has secured multiple podium finishes this season. That’s the only reason why he is still close to beating Red Bull’s Sergio Perez for a P2 finish this season. Moreover, the seven-time champion knows that his team’s car has been very inconsistent this season. At 38, he is still fighting hard to help Mercedes win a race.

However, Mercedes has been winless in 2023 so far. Albeit, last year, Mercedes won a single race, the car was far worse than this year’s W14. But now F1 is heading toward Abu Dhabi for the final race this season. There are certain questions like, will Mercedes finish at P2 beating Ferrari? And if Lewis Hamilton can beat Checo to finish at P2?