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The New York Yankees aim to have a significant change this offseason. This change will happen not only in the roster but also in the coaching department. For instance, Sean Casey won’t return next year as hitting coach of the NY side. On the other hand, the Bronx Bombers appointed Brad Ausmus as their new bench coach. It is the first time that Aaron Boone has a bench coach who, in return, has managerial experience. Hence, it might get tricky when the NY side decides to replace Boone with Ausmus.

If the Yankees think about Ausmus as a replacement for Boone, anyway. But for the time being, Aaron Boone has one more year in his contract with the Bronx Bombers. Moreover, captain Aaron Judge wants Boone to continue. Even after, the Yankees have not had great success under Boone so far. Moreover, the new bench coach, Brad Ausmus, is ready to help Aaron Boone and Brian Cashman take essential calls for the team, as per the New York Post.


Brad Ausmus Says Not Only Data But Experience Counts Too

Brad Ausmus Yankees
Brad Ausmus Yankees Source: ESPN

On Tuesday, Brad Ausmus took part in his introductory news conference over Zoom. During the conference, Ausmus noted that analyzing data is not the entire answer to winning games. The new bench coach emphasized using the eyes and experience, too. Moreover, the Yankees did not win many games last season. Hence, the ideas of Ausmus are worth exploring. Ausmus replaced Carlos Mendoza as the Yankees bench coach. Mendoza took his new job as the manager of the New York Mets. Anyway, Brad Ausmus talked more about a balance between using experience and data. He mentioned while he did the scouting reports in Houston as a catcher, he learned the data was right 85% of the time. Moreover, Ausmus worked in Houston as a catcher for almost a decade.

For the last 18 years, Brad Ausmus has been a catcher in the major league, as well as he spent three seasons in a front office. Moreover, he had been a manager for five years and a bench coach for a year. Hence, he speaks from the vast experience he gained in almost two decades. As a bench coach, Ausmus is well aware of his duties. He knows that he’ll have to provide all the information to the manager to make the right decision. Sometimes, it is also important to push the managers to a certain decision to try to coax them in one direction. Albeit, Boone and Ausmus never had a deep relationship, across the field, they’ve always been friends. Only time can tell how well they work together for the Yankees.

After A Horrible Season, Yankees Are Open To Suggestions About How To Get On The Right Track

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Lately, the team even failed to make the postseason. They had the second-worst batting average in 2023. Moreover, the Yankees were better than only the Oakland Athletics. In the end, the NY side finished the 2023 season with an 82-80 record. After this poor performance, the franchise decided to make some significant changes in their organization.

On top of that, there are rumors that the Yankees hired a consulting firm to see through their analytics department. The front office is trying to analyze where they went wrong last season and take action to correct it this offseason. Since the Yankees are going through a bit of a tough time, they will take advice from all corners.