LeBron James Stephen Curry
LeBron James Stephen Curry Source: Marca.com

LeBron James has been leading the Los Angeles Lakers this season from the front. He has been playing really well so far this season. Moreover, LBJ maintained a streak of double-digit scoring so far this season. However, the Lakers have not been performing at their best yet. They lost eight games already. But they have won ten games on the other hand. However, it is not right to say that everything’s going according to the plans of the LA Lakers.

They have suffered because of a long Injured List already. In the meantime, they suffered a heavy loss against the Philadelphia 76ers. The margin was as huge as 44 points. It was a tough defeat to swallow. However, before they lost against the 76ers, the Lakers warm-up was full of fun and banter. There’s a video that shows LeBron James imitating his rival Stephen Curry.


LeBron James Imitates The Three-Point King Ahead Of The 76ers Clash

LeBron James Stephen Curry
LeBron James Stephen Curry Source: eduaspirant.com

The King was recently imitating Curry’s historic shot that he generally practices during warm-ups. Already, that shot of Curry has become the “House-brand.” While imitating his arch-rival, LeBron James had a big smile. His face clearly gave a hint of playful teasing. Moreover, he made it look more fun as he took slower steps than usual. In the end, the game gave a big heartbreak to LeBron James and the LA Lakers. The Philadelphia 76ers blew the 17-time champions away. Moreover, the score was 134-98. It was one of the biggest defeats in LBJ’s career, as well as in the history of the LA Lakers.

However, in that same game, LeBron James broke another record that belonged to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. It was the record of most minutes played in the league. The Lakers ‘Captain’ had an impressive record of 66,297 minutes. However, after the game, LeBron James did not look very happy to surpass the ‘Captain.’ He mentioned, “It doesn’t mean much to me.” Clearly, the 44-point loss was too much to swallow. It is indeed a very worrying sign for the LA Lakers moving on in the season. Moreover, the Lakers have qualified for the quarter-finals of the inaugural NBA Cup. They would want to be the inaugural champions.

Lakers Struggling With Long Injured List

Gabe Vincent
Gabe Vincent (2) warms up before game three against the Boston Celtics in the Eastern Conference Finals for the 2023 NBA playoffs at Kaseya Center. Mandatory Credit: Jim Rassol-USA TODAY Sports

It has been only 18 games for the LA side this season. But the Injured List is not making things look good for Darvin Ham’s side. Among the injured players, Jarred Vanderbilt was a key strength in the Laker’s defense. However, Vando has been out since the preseason due to a heel bursitis injury. On the other hand, Gabe Vincent and Rui Hachimura are all out due to knee and nose injuries, respectively. The doctors will re-evaluate them after a week to confirm when they can return to the lineup.

In the meantime, the Lakers are heavily depending on their top two stars – LeBron James and Anthony Davis. But as per what happened in the last season, the Lakers can’t put too much pressure on LBJ or AD. They may be the top stars, but they can be incredibly fragile. And that’s not good for the LA side, which wishes to make the postseason.