Scottie Pippen Jr. Lakers
Scottie Pippen Jr. Lakers Source: SBNation

The Los Angeles Lakers have developed a solid roster this offseason. Many consider them to be a favorite to win the title. Moreover, there is a lot of depth and balance. Every player seems to be a perfect fit for the roster. Albeit, there might be one player who had issues finding a deserving place in the Lakers roster. He is none other than Scottie Pippen Jr. Does the name sound familiar? Of course, it does. Pippen Jr is the son of the legendary Chicago Bulls star Scottie Pippen. Generally, teams waive or release a player if they don’t fit into the roster.

But a new rumor suggests something else altogether as the reason for the release of Scottie Pippen Jr. It may have had nothing to do with the player at all. Recently, American rapper Cam’ron suggested the idea that it was the mother of Scottie Pippen Jr, who is the main reason that the Lakers released her son. As usual, the fans thought it was because Pippen Jr. failed to live up to the expectations as the reason for the Lakers to let him go. But the hip-hop legend claimed that Larsa Pippen, the ex-wife of Scottie Pippen and the mother of Pippen Jr, asked Michael Jordan to help her son leave the Lakers.


Did Larsa Pippen Ask Michael Jordan To Help Her Son Get Out Of The Lakers?

Scottie Pippen Larsa Pippen Michael Jordan
Scottie Pippen Larsa Pippen Michael Jordan Source: Lipstick Alley

Cam’ron has raised a question as to why the LA side would bother about waiving Pippen Jr. They have enough media attention to deal with anyway. Moreover, the Lakers don’t have the time to plan on waiving Scottie Pippen Jr. According to Cam’ron, the LA side is not looking for anything to mess up their game, like adding extra media attention. Hence, the only possible explanation is Larsa Pippen, who must have called Michael Jordan for help.

At present, Larsa is dating the son of Michael Jordan, Marcus. Hence, Cam’ron noted that Larsa would ask MJ, and then Jordan would call Magic Johnson. Then Magic would call Jeanie Buss. And the deal would get shut down. Hence, it is a matter of just one phone call or even a text in recent times. That’s what the American hip-hop legend meant when he said the Lakers don’t have the time for this nonsense. Larsa Pippen has been in the spotlight in recent times for several reasons, especially for dating MJ’s son.

Scottie Pippen Jr. Will Have His Chance To Make A Comeback To NBA

Scottie Pippen Jr. Lakers
Scottie Pippen Jr. Lakers Source: Yardbarker

Anyway, Scottie Pippen Jr is just 22 years old and will have a lot of time to improve his game so that he can make a comeback to the NBA. He is still not there at the NBA level yet. However, he performed pretty well in the G League. Last season, he only played in six contests for the LA Lakers and averaged 2.3 points per game in only 5.3 minutes.

Even then, the Lakers had retained him on September 7 with an Exhibit 10 contract. However, they had to let him go in the end. Due to his father’s legacy, the addition of Pippen Jr led to significant media attention. Moreover, Pippen Jr did not have a very convincing spell with the Lakers. Eventually, the LA side released him this month.