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EXPLORED: Can 2024 Be The Year Of The New York Yankees?

The New York Yankees had a pretty tough season last year. Moreover, the fans were on the verge of losing hope and faith in the team. It truly gets incredibly difficult to have faith when the team has not won a World Series in the last decade. On top of that, the 27-time champions have fans all over the world. In fact, any baseball fan in non-American countries generally knows the name of the Bronx Bombers and roots for them. Moreover, the NY side was the most popular MLB team until last year when the Los Angeles Dodgers landed the big fish, Shohei Ohtani. Now, the Dodgers have more followers on Instagram.

Nevertheless, the iconic and cultural significance of the Yankees can never diminish as long as there are die-hard fans all over the world. They would always root for the Pinstripes even when they are not doing well for so long. In 2023, the Yankees could not make the postseason, which was heartbreaking for these die-hard fans. But then the front office made some crucial changes this winter. As a result, the Bronx Bombers can see some light to win several awards this year. 


Optimistic Fans Feel 2024 Will Belong To Yankees

New York Yankees’ Gleyber Torres, center, is congratulated by teammates after he drove in the game-winning run in the 11th inning of a baseball game to defeat the Washington Nationals 4-3, Saturday, May 8, 2021, at Yankee Stadium in New York. (AP Photo/Bill Kostroun)

Recently, in a Bleeding Yankee Blue article, Suzie Pinstripe wrote that she was looking for Christmas spirit in a world where nobody believes in Santa Claus. Suzie meant that she was trying to find positives for the upcoming season as a Yankees fan. Moreover, she found three reasons to be optimistic about the next season. First of all, the acquisition of Juan Soto makes a lot of difference. The Dominican superstar improves the offense of the NY side ahead of the 2024 season. Moreover, the other outfielders who came along with Soto, Trent Grisham, and, previously, Alex Verdugo make the Yankees the most improved outfield in 2024. That must raise a lot of hopes for the fans.

Moreover, Suzie said as Shohei Ohtani moved to the National League, the Yankees can win several awards this year. Most importantly, Aaron Judge or Juan Soto can win the AL MVP in 2024. Last year, Gerrit Cole won the AL Cy Young Award. Now, the Yankees can add to that list with more awards in 2024. But the third point Suzie talked about was the faith and belief of the fans in the team. She mentioned her mother, a die-hard Yankees and baseball fan in general, saying that 2024 is Yankees Year. She believes it. Suzie said her mother was in hospital in Staten Island. But still, she had that optimism and belief.

Even The Bronx Bombers Must Believe In Themselves

Oswaldo Cabrera Yankees
Oswaldo Cabrera Yankees Aaron Judge

Moreover, Suzie Pinstripe said that the team must have such strong belief in themselves as her mother has. They must believe they can turn things around even in these dark times. And why should the Yankees not feel good about this offseason? After all, they have made such great additions and substractions this winter.

Now, the question the NY side must ask themselves is what more they can do this winter, and they should just do it. That’s how the 27-time champions will win the “Believe Award,” as per Suzie Pinstripe of Bleeding Yankee Blue. Belief and Faith can go a long way to build champions.