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CHECKOUT: Why Is The Former Mets GM In Awe Of Yankees Captain Aaron Judge?

Aaron Judge has been the biggest superstar in the New York Yankees team for the last few seasons. He denied Shohei Ohtani of the AL MVP back in 2022 for breaking the league’s home run record. After hitting 62 homers in 2022, he was an undeniable superstar. However, the Yankees have not been performing well under the new captain. Last season, they failed to make the postseason. However, the 2022 AL MVP winner performed well until he sustained a toe injury because of a freak accident. The Yankees Captain hit 37 home runs last year. Who can tell how many home runs Judge could have hit if he had not suffered that accident?

But it was clear that without Aaron Judge, the Bronx Bombers wouldn’t go very far. That proved to be true as the two months Judge didn’t play, things went worse for the NY side. Eventually, it was too late to turn things around, even when the captain returned. But now the Yankees have landed Juan Soto for the 2024 season. That’s why the fans have hopes to go a little further. However, a former GM of the New York Mets recently revealed how much he admires Aaron Judge no matter what happens on the field.


Stephen Phillips Credits Aaron Judge For His Outstanding Character

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Aaron Judge Yankees Source: MLB Trade Rumors

Recently, in an interview with Essentially Sports, the legendary general manager of the rivals, the Mets, compared the current Yankees captain with his predecessor. Stephen Phillips remembered Derek Jeter as a gentleman, leader, and a great representative of the NY Yankees. And that’s what Phillips sees in Aaron Judge as well. Moreover, Stephen Philips said Judge is of the same character as Jeter. Phillips shared an incident when he was talking to Brian Cashman at the Yankee Stadium. Aaron Judge came out of the clubhouse to the dugout to greet Phillips. He asked Phillips how he was doing and said that it was great to see him again.

Moreover, the former Mets GM mentioned that he had not seen a more polite and thoughtful superstar before. That incident greatly enhanced Stephen Phillip’s opinion of the 17th Yankees captain. It might be new information, but several MLB members know about the humble Aaron Judge. Stephen Phillips might still support the New York Mets. But he will keep an eye out for the city rivals, especially their captain. It was indeed an iconic story about the 2022 AL MVP winner and the current Yankees captain. 

Phillips Recalled How Different Jeter And Judge Are As Yankees Captain?

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Aaron Judge Derek Jeter Yankees Source: MLB.com

Moreover, Stephen Phillips might shock a few Yankees fans with the differences he found between Judge and Jeter. According to the former Mets GM, Aaron Judge is better at giving interviews. However, fans know Derek Jeter to be pretty straight and give curt answers sometimes. But Phillips elaborated a bit saying, Derek Jeter always knew that media wants a quote from “The Captain.”

That’s why Jeter was famous for his throwaway lines that would help the media say, “Derek Jeter said this.” But Phillips find the current Yankees captain to be more thoughtful when he actually says something. However, the former Mets GM find both Judge and Jeter to be bit private in their lives. But he added that Judge carefully answers all media questions. Moreover, Philips said if the kids need any role model from the league, then that’s Judge for him.