Yankees, Tanner Scott

The New York Yankees struggles with bullpen are second to none. The loss of notable arms such as Micheal King, Jhony Brito and Wandy Peralta has been deeply felt by the club as the relief corps are struggling to stay consistent through the 162-game grind.

However, with the trade deadline approaching, the New York Yankees are expected to be fierce buyers. Relief reinforcements will certainly be a priority, with left-handed reliever Tanner Scott emerging as the ideal candidate. Meanwhile, ahead of the deadline, here are 3 reasons the Bronx Bombers must strongly pursue Scott to bolster the bullpen depth for the second half.


1. Yankees Need A Left-Handed Relief Pitcher

Yankees, Tanner Scott
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The New York Yankees’ bullpen lacks a reliable left-arm reliever, which has been a glaring weakness throughout the season. Besides Caleb Ferguson, Victor Gonzalez, and Tim Hill, the club’s bullpen is filled with righty pitchers. Hence, having a left-arm pitcher like Tanner Scott would add a crucial element of diversity to their pitching staff.

Left-handers can be particularly effective in neutralizing strong left-handed hitters, a critical need when facing formidable lineups in the American League. And Scott’s ability to dominate left-handed batters is well-documented. Therefore, by acquiring Scott, the Yankees would have a tactical advantage in late-game situations.

2. Yankees Bullpen Struggle Needs To End

New York Yankees starting pitcher Luis Severino hands the ball to manager Aaron Boone during the third inning of the team’s baseball game against the Baltimore Orioles on Thursday, July 6, 2023, in New York. (AP Photo/Frank Franklin II)

Despite having some standout performances, the New York Yankees’ bullpen has struggled with inconsistency and injuries this season. The bullpen’s lackluster has been the big factor contributing to the team’s ongoing losing streak. A reliable bullpen is essential for any team with championship aspirations, and the Yankees need to shore up this area to improve their chances in close games.

Tanner Scott has been one of the more dependable relievers for the Marlins, posting solid numbers with a 1.42 ERA in 38 innings this year. Additionally, Scott’s presence would help stabilize the unit, reduce the workload on overused arms, and provide a dependable option in the middle to late innings.

2. Scott Will Be Second Half Rental Piece

Yankees, Tanner Scott
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The New York Yankees are in dire need of freeing up as much money as they can to go after Juan Soto in an upcoming free agency. Hence, one of the advantages of targeting Tanner Scott is that he would be a second-half rental, potentially requiring a lower acquisition cost compared to players with longer contracts. He is currently playing on a one-year $5.7 million contract with the Miami Marlins and will enter the free agency market next year.

That means the Yankees can leverage this situation to their advantage, securing a high-impact player without sacrificing too many top prospects or long-term assets. If Scott performs well and the team reaches its postseason goals, the franchise could consider negotiating a longer-term deal. If not, they can reassess their options in the offseason without being tied to a long-term commitment.

Overall, acquiring Tanner Scott before the trade deadline addresses critical needs for the New York Yankees. Scott’s skill set and current form make him an ideal candidate to bolster the Yankees’ pitching staff as they aim for a deep postseason run.

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