Lewis Hamilton, Ferrari
Lewis Hamilton, John Elkann

Lewis Hamilton, after 12 years of unmatched success and glory with Mercedes, is set to join Scuderia Ferrari in 2025 in what turned out to be a historic move. Ahead of the big switch, Lewis got back his winning momentum with an iconic victory at the 2024 Silverstone Grand Prix.

With that, Lewis Hamilton’s days count to last win has been reset, and he is aiming for a fairy tale finish at Mercedes before moving on to a fresh start in Maranello. That being said, the historic shift won’t be a cakewalk for the seven-time world champion as despite being the most successful driver, he is expected to face challenges in Italy.


Lewis Hamilton Expects Pressure From Emotional Italians During His Ferrari Stint!

Lewis Hamilton, Ferrari, Mercedes

Lewis Hamilton signed a multi-year contract with Scuderia Ferrari earlier this year, which marked a historic revolution in Formula One’s history. After achieving success never seen before with Mercedes, Lewis’ abrupt shift certainly took many by surprise. While the British driver believes it’s the right call, he certainly expects a daunting challenge in his first year at Maranello. Hamilton, born and raised in the United Kingdom, drove for only two teams in his 18-year-long career, McLaren and Mercedes. Both these teams were based in Britain, and hence, the 39-year-old never faced any cultural shock whatsoever. The calmness and silence of the UK suited him.

However, Lewis Hamilton is well aware that the working environment and dynamics will change in Italy next year. He says Italians are very emotional about Formula One and Scuderia Ferrari. Hence, adjusting to a new country and different people will be a challenge. “It is also going to be daunting because it’s new territory. I am going to a completely new culture in Italy,” Hamilton said in an interview. However, regardless of the unforeseen challenges and cultural shocks, Lewis still stands by his decision. He understands his future needs beyond the realms of F1 and Ferrari ownership has promised him all the support in his philanthropic projects after the working commitment ends in two years. Overall, Lewis Hamilton is nervous yet excited to don the red overalls in 2025 and accomplish his childhood dream of driving the red car with a prancing horse.

Ferrari’s Preparations For Hamilton’s Arrival In Full Swing!

Ferrari SF-23 Charles Leclerc
Ferrari SF-23 Charles Leclerc Source: Motorsport Week

Meanwhile, Scuderia Ferrari have begun preparations to welcome Lewis Hamilton to Maranello in 2025 in style. Franco Nughes of Motorsport Italy claimed that Ferrari will overhaul the 2025 season challenger’s design compared to the SF-24. The front suspension’s configuration will be changed to pull rod and hence chassis will be redesigned to accommodate the new kinematics. 

Additionally, the Ferrari development team is expected to achieve lesser weight distribution to ensure greater stability. To further suit Lewis Hamilton’s driving style, Ferrari is contemplating pushing cockpit position further back to increase  distance between the front wheel and the sidepods which could likely improve the airflow management down the floor. These changes will ensure Lewis Hamilton can fight for championship with a winning material car.

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