The Yankees dugout reacts to Giancarlo Stanton’s 400th Career HR. via Twitter NYY

The New York Yankees have gambled a lot in recent years to end the long-withstanding World Series drought. From unusual roster construction to uncanny game plans, the team played every card at their helm to ensure success. But unfortunately, nothing worked in their favor. The championship drought stands intact.

To make matters worse, the Yankees fell short of being a playoff contender in 2023. It hit rock bottom due to several factors which went against them. However, this off-season, the Yanks seem to be messing up their game plan as Yoshinobu Yamamoto’s sweepstakes fall in jeopardy. The alleged change could do more damage to the team’s championship aspirations than any good.


Yankees Must Stick With Traditional Pitching Approach!

Gerrit Cole
Gerrit Cole tips his cap to a standing ovation from the Yankees crowd after pitching 8 innings. via X NYY

As the New York Yankees enter a critical phase of offseason strategizing, some voices within the baseball community advocate for a shift in their game plan. The notion of assembling a “super bullpen” has been a recurring theme for the Yankees in recent years. However, critics argue that it’s time for the team to pivot and prioritize the acquisition of notable starting arms to solidify their rotation. The “super bullpen” approach is characterized by a dominant relief corps capable of shutting down opponents in the late innings. The Bronx Bombers tried to pull off the same in 2019. But it badly backfired. And it seems the Bombers are mulling a repeat of 2019 next season as well.

The word around the market is that if the New York Yankees fail to acquire Yoshinobu Yamamoto, they will shift focus on building a sturdy bullpen. Not only that, the likes of Josh Hader, Jordan Hicks, and Robert Stephenson are already on the team’s radar. However, the super bullpen approach is a suicide move from the Yanks. The 2023 season exposed the team’s limitations of relying solely on a dominant relief corps. This year, while the Yanks bullpen recorded the lowest ERA in the league, the incomplete starting rotation hurt their campaign the most. It’s well established that a starting pitcher is irreplaceable in baseball, and the alleged shift in approach could only be a short-term solution. Thus, it’s advisable for the Bronx Bombers to acquire strong starters and not solely rely on relief corps.

Yanks On The Edge As Yoshinobu Yamamoto Reviews Offers!

Yoshinobu Yamamoto, Brian Cashman

As it stands, the New York Yankees are very much alive in the Yoshinobu Yamamoto sweepstakes. Rumor has it that the Mets and Yanks will likely have a massive showdown for Yamamoto. The two teams met with the ace a couple of weeks ago and got to know one another better. However, the formal offers weren’t tabled until earlier this week.

Having said that, Yoshinobu Yamamoto has plenty of offers to choose from. The Yankees, Mets, Dodgers, Red Sox, and Phillies have apparently placed a bid. However, industry analysts expect the ace to stretch his sweepstakes until the January 4 deadline. That is not something the Yanks would appreciate as Yamamoto counties hold up the team’s alternate off-season plans.