Yoshinobu Yamamoto
Buffaloes pitcher Yoshinobu Yamamoto is 7-3 with a 1.89 ERA and 0.89 WHIP in 11 starts. | KYODO

The New York Yankees want to build the Evil Empire this off-season to squash the lost season narrative. They made those intentions crystal clear after trading Juan Soto from the Padres in a bold five-player exchange deal. It seems the Bronx Bombers are back to their old ways of doing things.

Traditionally, the Yankees were known for their aggressive approach on as well off the field. However, in recent years, the aggressiveness seemed to have toned down, which fans think is the reason behind the team’s brutal downfall. However, Hal Steinbrenner desperately wants to change this narrative, and glimpses of old aggressiveness are visible in Yanks’ ongoing pursuit of Yoshinobu Yamamoto.


Mets Labeled As A Threat For Yankees In Yoshinobu Yamamoto Sweepstakes!

Steve Cohen
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The New York Yankees remain an active contender in the infamous Yoshinobu Yamamoto sweepstakes. As Hal Steinbrenner returned to the Yanks’ old approach of building an Evil Empire, the team tried to lure the ace pitcher with a handsome contract. However, as Yamamoto sorts out the offers, ESPN analyst Buster Olney issued a word of caution to the Bronx Bombers. In a column, Olney said that Mets owner Steve Cohen is not playing nice, and he wants to have the biggest payroll and the most expensive pitcher this off-season. To those unversed, the Yanks and Mets are being pitted against each other in this sweepstakes owing to Yamamoto’s strong interest in the New York market.

Moreover, Buster Olney thinks that Steve Cohen is going to extra lengths to add his personal touch to the high-stake pursuit. Cohen reportedly traveled to Japan last month to meet Yoshinobu Yamamoto. Not only that, the owner hosted the ace at his place for a lavish dinner earlier this week. And money has never been an issue for Cohen, as the whole league knows. Thus, the Mets boss is trying to beat the Yankees with money as well as his personal touches. He wants to ensure that Yamamoto lands with the Mets this off-season and would simply play any card required to fulfill the pursuit. Undoubtedly, Steve Cohen is a big threat to Yanks’ alleged Evil Empire. They must neutralize the Mets to win the notorious Yoshinobu Yamamoto sweepstakes.

MLB Insider Claims Mets Only Off-Season Priority Is Yamamoto!

Yoshinobu Yamamoto
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In other news, MLB insider Will Sammon further confirmed the New York Met’s strong stance on Yoshinobu Yamamoto. In an interview, Sammon said that for this off-season, Yamamoto is not just a priority but the only priority for the Mets. While Steve Cohen intends to spend big, he won’t approach any other ace if his team fails to land Yamamoto this off-season.

“I don’t expect them to necessarily look to another front-line starting pitcher,” said Sammon. Having said that, the Mets’ strong push is a big problem for the Yankees. They cannot afford to lose Yamamoto. But also, the Yankee’s stance differs from that of the Mets. As per rumors, the team has already sorted out a fallback option in case the sweepstakes fall apart because their pitching depth has ceased to exist.