Aaron Judge
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Aaron Judge was scheduled to play left field last year to allow Giancarlo Stanton some space in the right field. Stanton feels more involved while playing outfield. Thus, to accommodate him, the New York Yankees adjusted Judge’s position during last year’s spring training.

However, the plan stayed only on paper as Giancarlo Stanton witnessed yet another injury-riddled season. Aaron Judge continued to play right field until a toe injury ruled him out for eight weeks. Having said that, with a new season on the horizon, skipper Aaron Boone once again has penciled in the same plan for Judge. But the question is, will it come to fruition this year?


Aaron Judge Experiments At Left Field Ahead Of Opening Day

Boone is in his sixth season as Yankees manager. Robert Sabo for NY Post

New York Yankees manager Aaron Boone has once again reactivated his plans of playing Aaron Judge in left field this year. Judge is a traditional right fielder who has yet to play at left in his MLB career. However, to accommodate the overflowing outfield depth, Boone decided to put his experiment in motion this spring. In his recent spring matchup against the Mets, Judge fielded at left and grabbed a regulation play. Having said that, the main idea behind the move is to accommodate Trent Grisham in center field. Judge has already given up his right field slot for the generational talent Juan Soto. And now, he is penciled to give away the center field role to Grisham.

Of course, Aaron Judge is left field won’t be an everyday thing. On days when Trent Grisham is scheduled for a game, Judge would move to the left. “I thought he reacted to it the right way. He’s such a fundamentally sound outfielder, and that showed up right away in that first play,” said Boone while expressing his first reaction to Judge’s left-field skills. Needless to say, the captain’s move to the other side of the field is pure gamble. Additionally, skipper Aaron Boone has to make a conscious choice given the slugger’s recent injury history. But overall, as opening day approaches, all eyes will be on Judge as he continues to refine his skills in left field. While there may be an adjustment, Judge’s athleticism, work ethic, and dedication suggest that he is more than capable of rising to the challenge and excelling in his new role.

Judge To Miss Mexico Exhibition Series!

Aaron Judge
Aaron Judge sat out the spring training games on March 11, 2024. AP

In a recent development, captain Aaron Judge has decided to skip the New York Yankees’ exhibition series in Mexico. The slugger, who sustained an abs injury earlier this spring, will stay back in the Yankee clubhouse in Tampa to recover for opening day, which is scheduled for March 28 against Houston Astros.

Notably, Aaron Judge, Juan Soto, DJ LeMahieu, and Anthony Rizzo are expected to miss the Mexico exhibition series. While Judge, LeMahieu, and Rizzo are battling niggles, Soto wants to work on his swing in Tampa. It would be interesting to see how the Yankees roster shapes up in the absence of notable names.

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