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REPORTS: Trent Grisham Looking For A Fresh Start With The New York Yankees

The New York Yankees added Trent Grisham to their outfield after a blockbuster trade. Moreover, the lefty outfielder came with Juan Soto to the Bronx from the San Diego Padres. It turned the offseason on its head for the 27-time champions. Fans could hope for a World Series win again. The idea of Juan Soto pairing with Aaron Judge has always been an intriguing proposition. After all, the two best hitters in baseball join hands to create the best offense in the league. It was necessary for the Bronx Bombers after a terrible season they had last year. They could not make the postseason for the first time since 2016.

Moreover, the NY side finished fourth in the American League East with an awful 82-80 record. It was their worst season in the last 30 years. Moreover, they had the second-worst batting average in the league in 2023. The Yankees were only better than the nine-time champions, the Oakland Athletics. Hence, they needed to upgrade their outfield and offense. Eventually, Trent Grisham and Juan Soto came along in exchange for Michael King (RHP), Kyle Higashioka (Catcher), and so on. Both Grisham and Soto look good in the spring training. Moreover, Trent might look for a fresh start. 


Trent Grisham Wants To Use His Place In The Bronx As A Fresh Start

Trent Grisham Juan Soto Yankees Source: FanSided
Trent Grisham Juan Soto Yankees Source: FanSided

Recently, Bill Ladson of said that Trent Grisham is happy to be a member of the NY Yankees. On Tuesday afternoon, the Bronx Bombers faced the New York Mets at Clover Park. An hour before the game, Ladson saw Grisham sitting in the dugout. He had a smile that showed how he is feeling at present. Later, Grisham told Ladson that he previously had heard stories about how the Yankees treat their players, and “It’s second to none.” However, Grisham said it has been a really good experience to experience it for the first time. Moreover, the outfielder believes they have a great group ahead of the upcoming regular season.

On top of that, Grisham said the history of the franchise is special to anybody. Later, Grisham told Ladson about the opportunities he has had since joining the Yankees. The 27-year-old outfielder had to redefine what makes him Trent Grisham more than anything. He told Ladson that he really had to change his mindset. In the last couple of seasons, he really did not feel great, as he was struggling a lot. Hence, Grisham had to do some soul-searching since wearing the Pinstripe uniform and moving forward from there.

The 27-Year-Old Outfielder Believes He’s His Own Batting Coach

Trent Grisham
Trent Grisham Source:

Trent Grisham said he can figure things out at the plate if he is left alone. There is just so much information available on what the right and the best swings in baseball are. Grisham feels like there’s a war out there. Moreover, Trent thinks he listened to all that noise for a long time.

But what he should have done instead was to be in the cage. He needed to know more about himself and what works for him. After he changed his mindset, Grisham started to do what he feels is good for him. That’s what the 27-year-old outfielder is planning to roll with. 

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