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Despite being one of the most renowned sports franchises globally, the New York Yankees have had their fair share of criticism and controversies. The club has a history of laying down strict rules for its players to maintain the dignity and strong image of the organization. Yet, over the past few years, many players have been caught violating MLB code ethics policy.

In 2016, the Yankees got their first taste of mass criticism over ethics violations by their then-star pitcher, Aroldis Chapman. Chapman was accused of domestic violence and received a 30-game suspension. Years later, in 2021, pitcher Domingo German faced one of the longest suspensions in the league due to a similar domestic violence incident. Now another Yankee pitcher has come under MLB’s scrutiny, which raises questions about the club’s lack of vigilance.


MLB Suspends Yankees Pitcher Jimmy Cordero Over Domestic Violence Policy Violation

Jimmy Cordero will be the opener for the Yankees on May 15, 2023. Paul J. Bereswill

Ahead of the final matchup between the Yankees and Orioles, MLB released a statement that sent shockwaves across New York. MLB announced that they have decided to suspend Yankee pitcher Jimmy Cordero with immediate effect for violating the league’s Joint Domestic Violence policy. Cordero has accepted the suspension and will miss the rest of the 2023 season. While the details of the incident have not been disclosed publicly. But, it is known that MLB conducted a thorough investigation into the matter and found Cordero guilty of all charges. As per MLB’s official statement, Cordero will participate in a confidential and evaluation treatment program supervised by the Joint Policy Board.

The New York Yankees immediately released a statement after the suspension was announced. They stated that the club stands by MLB’s zero-tolerance policy on domestic violence. There is simply no justification for this, and the club supports the league’s decision. MLB has also put Cordero on a restricted list, putting his future participation in the league in 2024 under threat. Also, the pitcher will not earn a single penny during the suspension period. Losing Cordero at this stage is not ideal for the Bombers. He has been one of the bullpen stars this season with a 3.86 ERA in 31 appearances. Regardless, this is the third domestic violation incident from the Yanks in a span of six years. That raises a lot of doubt about the club’s vigilance on its players.

Aaron Judge Claims The Team Is “Upset” Over Cordero’s Suspension!

Aaron Judge
The Yankees are batting .196 in the nine games since Aaron Judge went on the injured list. AP

The Yankees have spoken out on the whole matter. The captain, Aaron Judge, took the lead and said that he and a lot of players on the team remained upset over the incident. The suspension definitely came as a surprise. Apparently, the team was unaware of any ongoing investigation. The batter added that, more than anything, he is worried about the pitcher’s family. It was a tough time for them, and he wished them all the strength. Judge also hoped that Jimmy Cordero would learn from this and becomes a better person.

Aaron Judge maintained that he is not aware of what exactly panned out. Regardless, it’s a sad situation to face. Meanwhile, Yankees manager Aaron Boone claimed that Jimmy Cordero filled him in about MLB’s investigation just a few days ago. But the information was vague, and he could not make much out of it. However, Boone feels that there is still room for maturity, growth, and healing for the pitcher. He wishes that something good comes out of this for Cordero and his family.