Stephen Curry Former President Barack Obama
Stephen Curry Former President Barack Obama Source: YouTube Golden State Warriors

 Stephen Curry has been a big name in the NBA for almost 15 years. He still has a lot more years to go before he hangs up his boots. Moreover, in his long and illustrious career, he has proved that he is among the greatest of all time. Now, people, especially his fans, might wonder what he might do after his playing days are over. Additionally, the skinny kid from Akron, Ohio, proved that he is a pretty good businessman as well. Over the years, the talisman of the Golden State Warriors revolutionized the three-point shot.

Steph has scored the most from the three-point range. As a result, Curry is also known as the “Three-point King.” But the three-point King is a pretty good businessman as he collaborated with Under Armour to build his own signature shoe line. It is doing really well. Hence, his die-hard fans might expect Curry to expand and focus his business after he retires as an NBA player. Lately, however, new information has come to light, and Curry is interested in entering politics post-retirement. It even seems Curry has plans to run for the US President. 


But Why The Three-Point King Wants To Run For President?

Stephen Curry Former President Barack Obama
Stephen Curry Former President Barack Obama Source:

Recently, in an interview with CBS Mornings, Stephen Curry mentioned that there is a teeny tiny possibility of him running for president. But that might happen in the distant future. He still has several years to play in the NBA. Who knows if he will win more rings with the Golden State Warriors? But the idea of entering politics, as Curry puts it, is solely because he wants to create meaningful changes. If politics is a way to do that, then Steph said he would be interested. Moreover, Curry and his wife Ayesha have a charity of their own known as Eat.Learn.Play.

This foundation aims to help kids in Oakland, California, and give them nutritious meals, quality reading, and opportunities to be active and play. Moreover, the Curry couple is a spokesfamily for No Kid Hungry. Lately, in an interview, Stephen Curry told Jericka Duncan of CBS that he wants to use every part of his influence for good. However, he said, “It’s a maybe” on running for president. The three-point King also added that it won’t happen until 2028. Moreover, Stephen Curry has never really been apolitical ever in his career. On top of that, he has never really been a big fan of Donald Trump. 

How Stephen Curry Proved Time To Time That He Is Not Apolitical?

Stephen Curry Former President Barack Obama
Stephen Curry Former President Barack Obama Source: CNN

Steph and former President Barack Obama used to admire each other. In 2020, Steph endorsed President Joe Biden. However, in the current election season, Curry has not yet endorsed any presidential candidate. Back in 2017, Stephen Curry had a brief feud with former President Donald Trump. After the Golden State Warriors won the 2017 NBA Finals, Steph refused to go to the White House. Later, the then-president took back the invitation.

Moreover, when the GSW won their latest NBA Championship in 2022, Steph was on the cover of Rolling Stone. It was then when he said he wanted to leverage change in his public role. Adding to that, Curry mentioned that everybody might not vibe with his certain beliefs. But for Steph, nothing is more important than “Equality.” He noted, “If equality is there, everybody should adhere to the very low bar.”

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