The New York Yankees need Gerrit Cole to stay healthy throughout the season. Last year, the NY side had a really long Injured List. But their ace pitcher was not on the IL last season. As a result, the ace pitcher could give his ultimate best last year even though the team did not do very well. Moreover, the Bronx Bombers failed to make the postseason. It was the first time since 2016 that the NY side could not qualify for the playoffs. Moreover, the 27-time champions finished with an awful 82-80 record. Clearly, the 2023 season was not worth remembering for the Yankees.

However, if there was one best thing that happened last year for the Bronx Bombers in 2023, then that was Gerrit Cole winning the American League Cy Young Award. Even in the offseason, the Yankees could not sign an ace pitcher who fits perfectly alongside Cole. There have been a few options, but the Yankees could not seal a deal yet. Albeit, they did sign Marcus Stroman for two years. But the team was looking for a more dependable pitcher. Since they didn’t sign one yet, the Yankees had to rely on the AL 2023 Cy Young winner. However, the latest news that will shock the fans is Gerrit Cole might not be able to pitch for the next couple of months.


Gerrit Cole Unavailable For The Next Two Months?

Gerrit Cole
Gerrit Cole is now a six-time All-Star, earning a trip to the Midsummer Classic for the third time since signing with the New York Yankees. AP

In the ongoing spring training, Gerrit Cole faced issues with his right elbow. Later, the team sent Cole for an MRI on his right elbow. As per a source of The Athletic, the Yankees have not released the results of the MRI. Initially, Cole expressed his discomfort around his right elbow. Currently, the Yankees ace pitcher is pending further tests. As a result, the NY side fears the AL 2023 Cy Young winner might miss at least a month of pitching. However, Cole can even stay unavailable for two months in a row if the doctors rule out surgery.

If the ace pitcher misses two months of game time, it will be a huge loss for the Bronx Bombers. But the sports surgeon, Dr. Neal ElAttrache, will meet with Gerrit Cole in Los Angeles soon. Moreover, the sports surgeon can ensure Tommy John surgery is not necessary only after taking further tests of Cole. On top of that, The Athletic reported that an anonymous source close to the Yankees revealed that Gerrit Cole did not suffer any collateral ligament tear as per the MRI. Cole only had inflation in the elbow joint.

Who Can The Yankees Use As Cole’s Replacement?

Carlos Rodon Spring Training Debut
Carlos Rodon Spring Training Debut Source: MLB.com

Gerrit Cole became a Yankee in 2019. Since then, he has never missed Opening Day. However, he will miss this year’s. The Yankees have not yet made the severity of the injury official. Now, the fans and the team wonder who will take the mound on March 28. That’s when the Yankees start their season on the road against the Houston Astros.

On April 5, the NY side will kick off the inaugural series at the Yankee Stadium. On a Friday, the Yankees will host the Toronto Blue Jays. Chances are Carlos Rodon or Marcus Stroman will take the mound in both big games. They are the favorites to take Cole’s place. Then, hurlers like Luke Weaver and Cody Morris will join Nestor Cortes and Clarke Schmidt. 

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