LeBron James Jarred Vanderbilt Lakers
LeBron James Jarred Vanderbilt Lakers Source: Heavy.com

LeBron James is in no way giving up so soon. The Los Angeles Lakers may not had the start they desired this regular season. But the LA side has recovered well. Currently, they are 12-9. After the first twelve games, the 17-time champions had the same number of losses and wins this season. Clearly, it was not a great start. Moreover, the LA side has been struggling with a lot of injuries since the preseason. But the biggest positive for the Lakers this season has been the form of the top two stars.

LeBron James and Anthony Davis have led the Lakers pretty well so far. In the last game against the Houston Rockets, Jarred Vanderbilt and Cam Reddish made their comebacks. The Lakers won 107-97. LeBron James seemed pleased with his team’s performance. However, after the Lakers won in Detroit, he claimed that his team is one of the best defensive sides in the league.


LeBron James Has Faith In The Lakers Defense

Cam Reddish Lakers LeBron James
Cam Reddish Lakers LeBron James Source: CBS Sports

No matter what the statistics say, LeBron James feels Vando’s return will make a big difference. He added that Cam Reddish is among the best in the league in terms of deflections, and so is Jarred Vanderbilt. However, the statistics actually speak very different to LBJ’s predictions. As per NBA.com, the LA side has a Defensive rating of 112.6. Albeit it is great for the 14th-best team in the league, it is not really a rating for an elite Defensive side. However, the Lakers have no shortage of individual brilliance. For instance, Anthony Davis is in the running for the Best Defensive Player Of The Year Award.

On the other hand, Cam Reddish is gradually displaying his defensive prowess. Moreover, as a guard, Reddish has been very promising. And there is also Max Christie, who showed potential for a good defensive player. The 2023-24 season is only Christie’s sophomore season. However, after almost 20 regular season games, the Lakers didn’t show great defensive ability as a team. But if the team regains health and stability, then the Lakers can prove the comments of LeBron James true. 

Lakers Need Their Defense To Get Stronger As The Season Progresses

Jarred Vanderbilt Lakers
Jarred Vanderbilt Lakers Source: SBNation

The absence of Jarred Vanderbilt was mainly impactful. Vando’s absence caused a big hole in the Laker’s defense. Later, the LA side suffered a big loss against the Philadelphia 76ers. Joel Embiid’s army blew them apart. It was really humiliating for the LA side to suffer a 44-point loss. The 76ers won 138-94 against the 17-time champions. However, Darvin Ham’s side more or less recovered from that loss well. Anyway, the Lakers are still unbeaten in the inaugural in-season tournament.

They have already reached the knock-out stages. Later, the LA side will face the Phoneix Suns at home in the quarter-finals of the inaugural NBA Cup. Moreover, some of the injured players are gradually making their way back to the lineup. They are healthier than ever and want to contribute to the team’s success. Among them, Jarred Vanderbilt is the big name. Along with Vando, Cam Reddish also returned to the lineup.