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LeBron James has been a force of nature ever since he stepped on the basketball court. At first, he was the number one pick of the overall NBA Draft 2003. Later, he took time to win his first NBA title. But when he finally did with the Miami Heat, he didn’t wait long for the second one. Eventually, he won two more NBA titles, and as a total, he had four championship rings. But last season, LBJ broke the all-time leading score that belonged to the great Kareem Abdul-Jabbar for almost 40 years. Moreover, LeBron James has more All-Star appearances than any other player in history.

On top of that, he broke another Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s record of most minutes played in the regular season and playoffs combined. In short, throughout his 21 long years in the league, LeBron James has broken so many records that very few people can dream of. He will turn 39 this month. But LeBron James took the NBA by storm once again with an acrobatic shot against the Houston Rockets. He keeps proving to every fan and expert that he has still got it.


LeBron James Proves He Still Has What It Takes

LeBron James Lakers
LeBron James Lakers Source: GQ

Recently, the Lakers star had an incredible layup against the Rockets. It was the best moment of the game. Moreover, the Lakers beat the Rockets 107-97. But LeBron James stole the show. However, it is not new for the fans or LBJ himself to steal the show like he did last night. He has been doing that almost throughout his career. On social media, the King posted the video of that incredible play. LeBron James added the caption to the Instagram post saying he has been in that same mode for the last twenty years.

James even added some very familiar hashtags to his Instagram post. However, that was not the end of the night moment for LBJ. He had a confrontation with the Rocket’s coach Ime Udoka. Throughout his career, King James has played against Udoka plenty of times.  In their confrontation, LBJ and Udoka received technical fouls. But Udoka faced ejection because he received multiple warnings in that game.

Lakers Need LBJ To Stay Healthy As Long As Possible

LeBron James Darvin Ham Lakers
LeBron James Darvin Ham Lakers Source: The Sports Rush

At 39, it is quite unbelievable for even a great player to keep playing at the highest level. But it seems LeBron James does that with ease. He is still running faster and jumping higher than most of the young players in the league. More importantly for the Los Angeles Lakers, LBJ is still playing without any injury concerns. On the other hand, the Lakers have been struggling a lot with injuries this regular season. The all-time leading scorer has been leading the side pretty well so far.

Albeit, the Lakers have been pretty inconsistent. Moreover, the loss to the Philadelphia 76ers was very disappointing. LeBron James never had a game in his long career prior to the game against Joel Embiid’s army when his team lost by a 44-point margin. Hence, it was essential for LBJ and the Lakers to keep winning. As of now, the Lakers are 12-9.