Josh Hader
Josh Hader

The New York Yankees turned things around in the offseason after landing Juan Soto. They needed to boost their offense after the horrible way their 2023 campaign ended. Albeit this offseason, the Yankees got a lot of quality outfielders, they sacrificed even more pitchers. Previously, they had a pretty deep bullpen. But to get a good bunch of outfielders, the sacrifice of some pitchers was necessary. Anyhow, at present, their pitching condition is worsening. The Yankees must do something about it as soon as possible.

They missed the opportunity to land Yoshinobu Yamamoto. It could have been icing on the cake for the NY side this offseason. Yamamoto would pair pretty well alongside Gerrit Cole. However, that chance just came and passed. Now, the Yankees need to look elsewhere. Another no-brainer for the Bronx Bombers is Josh Hader, currently available on the open market. The Yankees should try to get the star relief pitcher. 


Will Yankees Turn To Most Expensive Reliever?

Josh Hader Padres
Josh Hader Padres Source: Bleacher Report

Last time, Josh Hader played for the San Diego Padres. He had an impressive season with them. Appearing in 61 contests, Hader had a 1.28 ERA with 33 saves. Like Juan Soto, Hader would bring a lot of value too to any team he represents. Several teams can go on a bidding war for Josh Hader. According to Jon Morosi, an MLB Insider, the Yankees are one of those teams. Clearly, if the NY side successfully lands Hader, they will look like a contender for the next season. It would really make the Yankees Nation very happy. The Fans have been waiting for a long time to see a contender-like team.

Currently, the Bronx Bombers have got a pretty good offense. Adding Josh Hader to their bullpen would really be the icing on the cake. Moreover, the lineup with Hader and Clay Holmes at the backend would be an enticing proposition for the franchise. On top of that, the duo of Hader and Holmes would be a deadly combination. Opposing sluggers would surely not like to face that. It makes complete sense for the Pinstripes to bid for Josh Hader if they really want to contend next year. 

How Juan Soto Solves A Lot Of Problems For The NY Side?

Juan Soto
Juan Soto Source: NBC Sports

Moreover, the Dominican slugger solves a lot of problems the Pinstripes have been facing in the last few seasons. For instance, last season, the Bronx Bombers had a terrible batting average. It was one of the worst in the league. Moreover, the NY side lacked multiple star power in their roster. That’s the reason why the Bronx Bombers heavily relied on Aaron Judge. But last season, Judge sustained a toe injury that kept him out of the game for over a month.

The absence of the captain ruined the season for the Yankees. Hence, to bolster their offense and star power, the NY side needed someone like Juan Soto. Then, Agent Scott Boras says, the former San Diego Padres star is an offense in itself. Clearly, any team would be lucky to have Soto in their team, as per his agent.