Max Verstappen
Max Verstappen Source: Eurosport

Max Verstappen is one of the lucky racers who got entry to Formula 1 when they were very young. He was only 17 years old back in 2015 when he debuted at the pinnacle of motorsport racing. It was not very hard to identify the special talent that he has. But credit goes to Helmut Marko and the Red Bull organization for bringing the Dutch racer to F1 Motorsport. They gave him a chance when he was just a 17-year-old kid. In his first year, the Dutchman raced for the sister team of the Austrian outfit Toro Rosso.

Then, he soon made his way to the Red Bull team. But it took him a few years to win his maiden title. However, once he got there in 2021, Max Verstappen just never looked back ever since. Moreover, in the next two years, he established himself as the most dominant racer in the grid. Now, Max is a three-time champion. The way things stand, the Dutch racer might win his fourth Driver’s Championship in 2024. Moreover, the governing body has introduced a new rule since Verstappen’s F1 debut. Lately, Max Verstappen said he doesn’t approve of the “Verstappen rule.” But why not?


Max Verstappen Believes FIA Is Trying To Stop Young Talented Racers From F1 Entry

Max Verstappen Red Bull
Max Verstappen Red Bull Source: PlanetF1

Back in 2015, Max became the youngest driver to make his debut in Formula 1. There were a lot of speculations regarding whether a driver as young as 17 years old would adapt well in F1. But to Verstappen’s credit, he did it excellently well. However, FIA introduced new rules in 2015 that stated the drivers need to be at least 18 years old to participate in F1 sessions. Moreover, as per the rules, junior racers must secure 40 points from other Formula races to enter Formula 1. Clearly, Max Verstappen was the reason behind FIA’s new rule. After the 2024 Miami Grand Prix, Max told the media, including RacingNews365, that he understands very well about how his F1 debut influenced FIA’s new age limit. However, Verstappen feels that rule does not stop what it aims to. 

Moreover, Max Verstappen talked about the new racing prodigy Andrea Kimi Antonelli that the so-called “Verstappen rule” is not specifically against him or other talented drivers of his age. However, that rule can certainly stop those young talented racers from entering F1. Max Verstappen believes the driver may be 17 or 18, but if he is fast enough, he should get a chance in Formula 1. Moreover, the driver may have twenty points from other formula races and not 40 points. But Max feels that’s not a good reason not to let them enter F1. Max Verstappen said he is not a big fan of the rule but FIA must think if it’s okay. Finally he said, “However, I’d prefer not to have it.”

The Dutchman Doesn’t Prefer Young Racers Trying To Become “Second Max”

Lee Stevenson Red Bull F1 Chief Mechanic With Max Verstappen
Lee Stevenson Red Bull F1 Chief Mechanic With Max Verstappen Source: Sports Illustrated

In January, 2024, Max Verstappen told that he never looked up to anyone. He prefers that modern-day young drivers should try to be themselves instead of trying hard to be another Max Verstappen. Moreover, the Red Bull star said perhaps that’s one thing the young racers can learn from him. He said, “Always try to be yourself and never imitate anyone else.” 

However, the current triple-time reigning champion said that it is always nice to be a fan of someone, too. People can dream of doing something similar, for sure. After all, Max Verstappen knows that success always inspires. However, he doesn’t recommend that youngsters try to become “Second Max.”

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