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Stephen Curry is the talismanic leader of the Golden State Warriors. It was the three-point King that led the Dubs to become a modern-day Dynasty. He, along with his teammates, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green, went on to win four NBA championships in a span of eight years. However, the current season is seeing a steady downfall in the performance level of the Warriors. Clearly, the three main stars of the Dubs are not at their finest anymore. Perhaps Father Time is catching up to them a little too quickly than they wanted.

Even the Dub Nation wants the GSW to go on to win their fifth title in 2024. But the ongoing season is seeing the Golden State Warriors fight for the play-in spot. Clearly, the current situation is a far cry from what the Dubs Dynasty has been used to in the last ten years. Now, the fans of the three-point King wonder how long it will take him to hang his boots, given the Warriors are declining steadily. But some medical experts believe Father Time won’t catch up to Steph Curry as soon as the fans fear. 


What Can Be The Key Factor For Stephen Curry To Play Till 40?

Steph Curry
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Stephen Curry is 36 at present. Generally, point guards are at the age when they show signs of gradually starting to ride off to the sunset. However, as per Dr. Andrew Budson of VA Boston Healthcare System, Stephen Curry’s hand-eye skills should not degrade too much at 36. The chief of behavioral and cognitive neurology believes there are other changes after 35 like the players don’t run as fast due to worsening physical stamina. However, the actual hand-eye coordination does not degrade really that much, according to Dr. Budson. Moreover, the fans are aware of the incredible hand-eye skills of the three-point King.

Now, a well-renowned medical expert suggests that it should be enough for him to play at 40. Dr. Budson mentioned that hand-eye skills might drop after 40. Even Bruce Fraser, the assistant coach, agrees with the same premise Dr. Budson has been talking about. Moreover, Fraser, too, expects Stephen Curry to endure a longer hand-eye skill level than his physical abilities. As a result, the talisman of the Golden State Warriors should continue to play at a very high level in the next few seasons. Fraser credits Steph’s genetics for his remarkable hand-eye coordination. 

Fraser Compares Steph With His Parents

Stephen Curry Dell Curry
Stephen Curry Dell Curry Source: GQ

Dell Curry, Steph’s father, played in the NBA for 16 years. Steph’s mom, Sonya Curry, was a pretty good volleyball player in college. According to Essentially Sports, Bruce Fraser said Stephen Curry’s remarkable hand-eye skills are a direct result of his genetics. Fraser called it a “Genetic Gift.” No wonder Steph is so hard-working and dedicated to his craft. To give an example of Steph’s hand-eye skills, it is better to see the three-point King during training sessions.

Curry generally dribbles a couple of basketballs at the same time. Then, he dribbles while tossing a tennis ball to his trainer, who stays nearby. Moreover, he improves his hand-eye coordination by dribbling with five lights flashing on a wall right in front of him alternately. Clearly, hand-eye skills separate the good players from the great ones. 

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