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LeBron James is really an unstoppable force of nature. Who can say he looks like someone about to turn 40 next year? On top of that, not many NBA players have managed to play for more than twenty years in the league. LBJ is not just playing in his 21st season, he is in fact looking like one of the best players in the league. Clearly, he is one of a kind. Moreover, his record speaks volumes of his greatness. No wonder the all-time leading scorer is often compared to Michael Jordan regarding the GOAT debate. But there are very few individual accomplishments left for the kid from Akron, Ohio, to win.

There is no better scorer than LeBron James in the league. Last year, he made history when he broke the 38-year-old record that belonged to the great Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Now, he holds the record, and as it seems, it might remain his forever. Moreover, scoring more than 40,000 points for one NBA player in his career will never be easy for another player in the future. Lately, LeBron James has shocked the fans with absurd stats at the rim and shooting three-pointers.


LeBron James Makes History With His Three-Point Stats And At The Rim

LeBron James and Stephen Curry
LeBron James Stephen Curry Source: Complex

Lately, netizens discovered another milestone for the man who loves breaking records. The social media users found out that at 39 LeBron James became the first NBA player to post better than 72% at the rim and 40% from the three-point range. He has attempted at least 300 times of either of the two for one single season. Since his NBA debut in 2003, LeBron James dominated within the arc most of the times. Hence, it is not absolutely unbelievable that the 6’9 superstar scored 73% at the rim. But it sure is impressive. Moreover, LBJ has been more than surprisingly efficient beyond the arc in the 2023-24 season. He has been clearly a bigger threat to dominating the three-point range this year than Stephen Curry.

The all-time leading scorer can break his own career-best stat of most three-pointers in a season. He scored 149 three-pointers in the 2017-18 season. According to Statmuse, LeBron James will take 12 fewer games in the ongoing season to reach the same mark. Moreover, Basketball Reference showed that the Lakers superstar did it by shooting a career-best 41% three-pointers. LBJ told the Lakers Nation that the key factor was staying injury-free for the most part of the season. The foot injury that he sustained last year, as James said, has gone away. It helped him put the best show out for the fans from the three-point range. 

LBJ Leaves His Teammates Awestruck Yet Again

Austin Reaves LeBron James Lakers
Austin Reaves LeBron James Lakers Source: The Rookie Wire – USA Today

It is not new that the Lakers players are always awestruck by LBJ’s stats. But this year, at 39, LeBron James was able to reach another milestone. The four-time MVP became the first NBA player to score more than 40,000 points, grab 11,000 rebounds and assist 11,000 times in his career.

Later, Austin Reaves mentioned, “This is crazy,” on his Instagram page. He is already running for the GOAT debate. But then he just keeps on solidifying his status as one of the best of all time. He is very close to beating Chris Paul’s record of 11,888 assists. Moreover, Austin Reaves mentioned that LBJ is simply greatness right in front of us.

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