Luis Severino Yankees
Luis Severino Yankees Source: Sports Illustrated

Luis Severino stayed with the New York Yankees for 12 years. It has been a pretty long time. However, while he was there with the NY side, they were not able to win a World Series. But it is not Severino’s fault that the Bronx Bombers failed to build a strong roster around him. He always performed to the best of his abilities. In the 12 long years he was with the NY side, the pitcher had a record of 54-37. Moreover, Severino had a 3.79 ERA and, in 727.1 innings, had 788 strikeouts.

Clearly, he did the best he could in these years. However, last year, Severino did not quite perform as well as he would like. In the meantime, the New York Yankees had to let go of their long-time pitcher Luis Severino. It was a heartbreak for the fans. Since Severino became a free agent, he didn’t wait long. In this offseason, Luis Severino signed with the city rivals, the New York Mets, for a one-year deal worth $13 million.


Yankees Fans Will Always Root For Luis Severino

Yankees Luis Severino Aaron Judge
Yankees Luis Severino Aaron Judge Source: CBS Sports

After confirming the deal, Severino wrote heartfelt messages for the franchise and the fans. In his message for the team, he described how much he loved the Yankees as a kid from Dominican Republic. It was a surreal journey for Luis Severino to come this far with the Yankees. He still can’t believe it. Adding to that, Severino said “Thanks to the organization” for believing in him and giving him the shot. The team was like a family to him. Moreover, he thanked his teammates and the fans. Reading Severino’s post, the Yankees fans got emotional. Some said, “I’ve got tears.”

Again, there are those who said they will always root for Luis and love him. Moreover, the fans really meant a lot to Luis Severino. Hence, he shared a separate post to dedicate to his fans. No wonder the Bronx will miss Severino. Anyway, Luis would like to bounce back hard next season with the Mets. Moreover, he could pitch only 89.1 innings in 19 games in 2023. He had 6.65 ERA, compiled a 4-8 record and 79 strikeouts. Anyway, Carlos Mendoza, the new manager of the Mets, will be a familiar face for Severino. Mendoza was the bench coach of the Yankees till last season. 

The NY Side Must Make Significant Changes To The Roster This Offseason

Aaron Judge Yankees
Aaron Judge Yankees Source: CNN

Moreover, injuries plagued Severino’s campaign last season as it did to the whole team. The Yankees had one of the longest Injured Lists in the league last season. Injuries to key players like Severino, Aaron Judge, Anthony Rizzo, and others in the team ruined it for the Bronx Bombers. Moreover, the New York Yankees managed to maintain the streak of winning seasons. They finished with an 82-80 record. Moreover, the 27-time champions failed to make the postseason for the first time since 2016.

Hence, the fans were not happy with their favorite team’s current status. However, the front office feels they can make significant changes this offseason. Hence, it raises the hopes of the Yankees fans a little bit. Moreover, the GM mentioned the front office is looking for a couple of lefty sluggers who can play in the left and center field.