Harrison Bader
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New York Yankees engaged in a trade with St.Louis Cardinals in mid-2022, which worked well for both sides. While the Cardinals received ace pitcher Jordan Montgomery, the Yanks got an athletic outfielder, Harrison Bader, in exchange. Bader, who kicked off his career at the Cardinals, found a new life in the Bronx. In a mere short span, he became a fan favorite.

In the 2022 postseason, Harrison Bader smacked five home runs and six RBIs. However, he failed to carry off the momentum in 2023 as injuries took a toll on his fitness. While he is surely witnessing a resurgence in the mid-half of the current season, it’s important to note that the center fielder is set to hit free agency next year. So the question is, will the Yankees retain their star breakout?


Harrison Bader’s Extension With Yankees Could Hit A Bump

Harrison Bader
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This season, Yankees Harrison Bader has attained his prime form after returning from a hamstring injury. At a time when potent names around him are falling, Bader has single-handedly managed offensive production. He is in the midst of a hot streak, which is crucial for the team’s playoff dreams. However, the center fielder is set to enter free agency next season, and the Yanks have not yet begun talks of a potential contract extension. Are the Yankees willing to sign Bader?

Harrison Bader is listed among the potential Yankees free agent for the upcoming free agency, alongside pitchers Luis Severino, Frankie Montas, Wandy Peralta, and position player Isiah-Kiner Falefa. It might seem unreasonable to leave off Bader, eyeing his current form. But if you look at the bigger picture, the outfielder’s troubling injury history lowers his stakes. This season alone, he has suffered oblique and hamstring issues, which led to months-long absences. So if the team wants, they could use Bader as a trade chip to fetch a highly-ranked position player, less prone to injuries. Having said that, retaining Bader could also be an ideal choice. He is currently sitting on a cheap payroll of $5.75 million, and an extension would not cost much. Ultimately, Harrison Bader’s situation is complex, and the Yankees must make a wise decision.

Harrison Bader Jumps Into Rescue Yanks Struggling Offense

Harrison Bader
Bader reacts to his 2 run double in the 7th. Twitter NYY

Speaking of the current season, Harrison Bader has taken full control of the Yankees’ sinking ship. The struggling offense has got new life owing to the center fielder’s clutches. In the past week or two, Bader has produced multiple late heroics to lead the team to crucial victories. Ever since returning back from IL, he has hit .263 with 7 home runs and 28 RBIs. Along with the offense, he has also been excellent as usual in the field.

With Aaron Judge likely to remain for IL for several additional weeks, Harrison Bader’s current hot streak is highly crucial for the Yankees. They would expect Bader to maintain consistency and, most importantly, his health. As long as the center fielder can stay at his best physically, the performance on the plate will automatically follow. All eyes are on the Yank’s upcoming stretch of games as it will set the tone for their playoff campaign.