Aaron Judge
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New York Yankees Captain Aaron Judge’s injured toe is the talk of the town in MLB. Ever since he “tore” the ligament of his right toe on June 4 following a crash into the Dodgers stadium, the Yankees captain has been under constant surveillance. The anxious fans want a return timeline, which the team has failed to provide so far. The lack of clarity in the Yankee clubhouse had led the fans to believe that perhaps, Aaron Judge would never be able to recover this season.

Without Aaron Judge, the Yankee’s odds of making it to the postseason are close to negligible. That is what has caused an uproar among the fans and Yankee supporters. Amid these uncertainties, the captain dropped a scary injury update which further fuelled the fans’ fears and caused a massive debate on social media. Now, the Yankees have stepped in for some damage control.


Aaron Judge Says His Toe Injury Will Take “Years” To Heal, Issues Clarification Later

Aaron Judge
New York Yankees designated hitter Aaron Judge heads to the dugout after striking out swinging as Seattle Mariners catcher Cal Raleigh, left, stands near the plate during the fourth inning of a baseball game Wednesday, May 31, 2023, in Seattle. (Lindsey Wasson / The Associated Press)

Yankees captain Aaron Judge is candid when it comes to speaking to the media. He always speaks his mind, which often gets misinterpreted. A similar case of confusion occurred during Judge’s latest press brief. While updating on his toe injury, the batter said that his toe will take years to heal and he will never feel normal even once he is off the injury list. While Judge is able to move around for now, the injury could bother him two-three years down the line. He also added that the doctors are mulling an off-season surgery for faster healing.

These comments sent the fans into a frenzy as they jumped to wild speculations. Many fans suggested that Aaron Judge is hinting at his end of the 2023 season campaign. However, the Yankees jumped for damage control the very next day. The team said that the captain did not intend to cause any alarm. Judge was giving a general opinion saying that many players have to manage underlying injuries for years even after returning back from IL. The Bombers also reassured that the fan favorite will return this season. While the timeline was once again not issued, it could be somewhere in the latter half of the season.

“We’re Doing Great,” Judge Responds To Rehab Progress

Aaron Judge in the dugout during the Yankees’ game against the Red Sox on June 10, 2023. Robert Sabo for the NY Post

Meanwhile, Aaron Judge has begun taking his first steps toward a return. He has resumed field activities which include playing catch and hitting off a tee. However, the captain is still struggling to be able to run. As reported earlier, he is still feeling pain while walking. Hence, running is off the charts for now. Under current circumstances, it’s almost impossible to pinpoint a return timeline. But the best guess would be a few weeks after the All-Star break.

Now, the real challenge is for the Yankees to stay in contention for playoffs until their captain returns back to the lineup. With 48-39, the odds are not looking great. On top of that, the mighty Rays and formidable Orioles are marching ahead with each passing day. Hence, Aaron Judge’s much-awaited return will not matter if the team is ousted in the regular season itself.