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Just a month remained for the Formula One 2023 car’s first round testings. From 23rd to 25th February, in the International Circuit of Bahrain, everything will be revealed, if Mercedes is having a comeback. Or Ferrari is making the way out for Charles Leclerc’s first championship, or it will be Red Bull again.

All the teams will be revealing their 2023 championship fight machines soon, within the first and second weeks of February. So for now, they are fully engaged in the last-touch works. This time, all the top three drivers have claimed a three-way battle. Max Verstappen, Lewis Hamilton, and Charles Leclerc, all of them are expecting to fight at the top row for the championship with their single-seater championship machines.


The Foundation Of The 2023 Formula One Car Was Made In The 2022 Summer Break

However, as the technical rules got changed in 2022, the very “brainstorming car design” will be paving the way in 2023. The new car phase was getting planned way before the winter break. During the last Summer break itself, the teams were checking their 2022 car’s performance. The season was analyzed to receive the data that will be used in the making of the 2023 car. With the outcomes of RB18, F1-75, and W13, Red Bull, Ferrari, and Mercedes, respectively, have got a lot of ideas about which route to be taken. Also, the concept that Red Bull used, which gave them 17 wins with the constructors, is now an option available in the Formula One market.

Christian Horner- Toto Wolff
Formula One

Basically, the 2022 Formula One car models were just the foundation for what the teams will bring in 2023. The major role played in the car’s creation is of the programming department. And, as explained by funoanalisitecnica.com, the top three teams have totally different graphics illustrations of their new single-seater F1 project.

This Is How The Teams Are Choosing Their Path For 2023

In the 2022 summer break, the Scuderia team initiated their usual road map concept for the F1-675, this year’s car. The team is focusing on the technical area to have an upgrade in the midst of the 2023 season. There is a lack of reliability of the 066/7 power units and also a new “bomb” engine, as revealed by ex-boss Mattia Binotto. So, Ferrari’s expectations for the first Formula One championship after 2008 have been raised even higher.

Mercedes W14
Mercedes W14

Speaking of the most expensive F1 team, Mercedes, they had a career break in 2022 as they started facing porpoising issues. They are launching numerous micro aerodynamics upgrades in their new project. The W14 will have a zero sidepod. By bringing the last front wing update in the W13, the Silver Arrows are well experienced about what they need to bring back in W14. And, what needs to take a seat in the dustbin?

And, for Red Bull, the team is really affected by the cost cap penalty, as suggested by the principal, Christian Horner. They have got 20% less Wind Tunnel allowance than Mercedes as a result of the Formula One constructor’s championship win. However, the new RB19 project will be different from the RB18 in many aspects. First of all, they will be adding all the data they have been experimenting with on RB18, plus they will make the chassis lighter by no less than 6 kilograms. Also, FIA has implemented the floor edge regulation. The team will have to change the chassis department in order to be an underweight limit.

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