Giancarlo Stanton, a former NL MVP and arguably one of the most feared hitters in the league, has become nothing but a liability for the New York Yankees. Ever since he got traded out of Marlines, Stanton fell off the bandwagon. He struggled with injuries, form slump, and overall challenges of playing in New York.

However, last year, things hit rock bottom when Giancarlo Stanton recorded his career-worst season with a .191 average, 24 home runs, and 60 runs in over 101 games. On most days, he struggled to stay healthy. And even restricted himself on the bases to stay immune to health risks. Regardless, with the season on the horizon, Stanton is determined to make a change.


Yankees Slugger’s Durability To Put To Test After Weight Loss Journey

Giancarlo Stanton
Stanton makes a sliding catch during Yankees’ practice on Friday. Charles Wenzelberg / New York Post

Giancarlo Stanton’s weight loss has been a topic of discussion among baseball fans and analysts alike. This off-season, the slugger made a concerted effort to shed excess pounds and improve his overall fitness. Reports indicate that Stanton has undergone a rigorous off-season training regimen, focusing on strength and conditioning to enhance his agility and mobility on the field. Even in spring training, Stanton’s transformation was largely visible. That being said, one of the primary ways in which Stanton’s transformation will affect the Yankees’ upcoming season is through improved durability and reduced risk of injury. Carrying additional weight can put unnecessary stress on the body. That leads to an increase in the likelihood of injuries such as muscle strains, joint issues, and fatigue.

By shedding pounds and improving his overall fitness, Stanton may be better equipped to withstand the rigors of a long baseball season. Furthermore, Giancarlo Stanton’s weight loss could also have a positive impact on his agility and defensive abilities. As a designated hitter and outfielder, his mobility and range are crucial aspects of his defensive game. With a toned physique, Stanton may experience improved speed and agility. That will eventually allow him to cover more ground in the outfield and make more plays defensively. From an offensive standpoint, the transformation may lead to improvements in his hitting mechanics and overall performance at the plate. Having said that, while a physical transformation is not a silver bullet to success, it means a head start for Stanton. The shift in perspective and confidence boost will surely help the former MVP in the long run.

Scott Boras Drops Encouraging Take On Blake Snell’s Free Agency

The Yankees should make a strong run for Blake Snell, The Post’s Jon Heyman writes. The Yankees should make a strong run for Blake Snell, The Post’s Jon Heyman writes. USA TODAY Sports via Reuters Con

With only four weeks to opening day, Scott Boras is feeling the pressure and urgency to get a contract for his client, Blake Snell. After a fallout with the Yankees, Boras claimed that four new teams had approached him with respect to Snell since the start of spring training.

However, Boras refused to shed further details. That being said, rumors have linked Blake Snell to the Angels, Giants, Phillies, and Yankees. But to land a deal with any of these teams would require Boras to lower his ask. Nobody, in the present market dynamics, is up to offer Snell a $30 million AAV deal.

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