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Juan Soto has been the biggest addition to the New York Yankees roster ahead of this season. The Bronx Bombers had been looking for a superstar lefty slugger who could fit perfectly at Yankee Stadium, and the Dominican superstar was a perfect candidate for that position. On top of that, the San Diego Padres were finding it hard to keep the best hitter in baseball due to their payroll issues. Hence, it was a perfect opportunity for the NY side to land the three-time All-Star.

 However, the Yankees have not yet been able to land the Dominican superstar for a long-term deal. After the 2024 season, Juan Soto will hit free agency. The way things are going in the current season, there is no doubt that the four-time Silver Slugger winner will be the biggest name in free agency next offseason. However, there is a good chance that Brian Cashman and the Bronx Bombers fail to sign him for a long-term deal. On the other hand, their city rivals, the NY Mets, might land Juan Soto. 


How Can The Mets Land Juan Soto In The Next Offseason?

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According to Fan Nation, the New York Mets are top favorites to land Juan Soto next offseason. Jon Conahan of Inside the Pinstripes reported that Steve Cohen, the Mets owner, might give Soto an offer that he theoretically won’t possibly be able to refuse. Moreover, the Mets owner is famous for spending a lot of money to sign elite talents, and he can push the boundaries of the team’s payroll. When someone like him is in line to offer Juan Soto a deal, it might be hard for the Yankees to keep him. According to Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic, the New York Mets can achieve their goal to keep Pete Alonso and simultaneously land Juan Soto. The first baseman of the Mets has been on a one-year deal worth $20.5 million.

Alonso signed that deal to avoid arbitration ahead of the 2024 season. Lately, Rosenthal said on Foul Territory that the latest first base contract trends might determine the market of Pete Alonso. There are a lot of variables, though, that will impact the possibility of the Mets forming the best-hitting duo in MLB. First of all, the Mets must have a season to show for if they want to entice the best hitter in baseball to sign with them. Then, Juan Soto might want to travel across the water from the Bronx to Queens. That might also aid the Mets in retaining Alonso for a long-term deal. 

But The Dominican Slugger Had A Great Start With The Yankees This Year

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Juan Soto had a memorable start to his journey as a Yankee. Now, the question is how far this journey will go. Is it just for this year, or is it maybe a long-term thing? Nevertheless, the three-time All-Star is the biggest reason why the Bronx Bombers are hoping to win the World Series this year. After what happened last year, Soto’s performance and presence have been like a breath of fresh air for the Yankees Faithful. So far, in the 2024 regular season, Juan Soto has hit .325 with eight home runs and is leading the American League on-base percentage of .439. 

Moreover, it has been Soto’s best start after the 2020 season. On top of that, he is playing at an MVP level and has become the biggest strength of the team’s offense when Aaron Judge is going through an early season slump. After having such a perfect start to the season with the 27-time World Series champions, will he really want to sign with another team? Even if the other team is from the same city. 

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