Juan Soto

Juan Soto has been a superstar since his days with the Washington Nationals. Moreover, he even won a World Series with the Nationals in 2019. But then he moved to the San Diego Padres in 2022. However, after the 2023 season, the Dominican slugger signed with the New York Yankees for a year. He will be a free agent next offseason. There is a good chance that he might sign the biggest free-agent contract in MLB history. However, whether he can beat Shohei Ohtani’s $700 million contract is still up for debate. That will determine on Juan Soto having a great 2024 season with the New York Yankees.

Moreover, the Bronx Bombers had a great start to the 2024 season. However, their captain, Aaron Judge, had a very slow start to the 2024 regular season and has not looked 100% healthy either. Meanwhile, the Dominican superstar is proving to be the biggest asset of the Yankees’ offense. His 2024 start has been the second-best start in his career after the 2020 season. Lately, a former World Series champion said the Dominican slugger is on the Hall Of Fame path. 


Ken Singleton Said, “Juan Soto Is On The Hall Of Fame Path”

Juan Soto, Yankees
Juan Soto flip his bat after belting a solo homer in the sixth inning of the Yankees’ loss. AP

Recently, in an interview with YES Network, Ken Singleton, a sports commentator, mentioned that the Dominican slugger is an amazing player. Moreover, Juan Soto is one of the best young hitters that Ken has ever seen. After all, the new Yankees sensation is only 25 years old. But the young superstar has already accomplished so much. That’s why Ken Singleton believes that Juan Soto is on his way to be a future Hall of Famer. Moreover, the former baseball player and the sports commentator has no doubt about that. On top of that, Ken pointed out that Soto walks more “In these strikes out.” Albeit the Yankees lost to the Baltimore Orioles on Tuesday, the New York fans saw the Dominican slugger hit a 447-foot home run.

That home run reached the Eutaw Street. It was the first of 2024 to do so and the 123rd homer of its kind in the history of the Camden Yards. Ken praised Juan Soto for that almost 450-foot home run. Also, Singleton mentioned the Yankees star runs the base well. On Tuesday, Soto managed to steal a base. Clearly, the three-time All-Star has impressed many, and one of them is Ken Singleton. The former World Series champion said he is glad Soto is wearing the Pinstripe uniform. He hopes that the Yankees can keep him for a long time. 

The Dominican Slugger Stares Down Dean Kremer, an O’s Hurler

Juan Soto, Yankees
AP Photo

On Tuesday, Juan Soto hit a 447-foot homer during the sixth inning against the Baltimore Orioles. The Orioles pitcher Dean Kremer was the victim of Soto’s power hitting. After hitting the homer, the four-time Silver Slugger winner had a stare-down moment with the Orioles pitcher. At first, he glanced at the right field, then he stared down at Kremer while flipping his bat.

In the post-game interview, Juan Soto mentioned as per the New York Post, “These are all part of the game. He may not like the shuffle but I bet he didn’t like the homer either.” Soto said they were both going back and forth. Moreover, Juan Soto continues to have a great year despite the Yankees lost the series 3-1 against the Orioles. 

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