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EXPLAINED: How Can Sergio Perez Beat Lewis Hamilton & Ensure P2 Finish In 2023 F1 Season?

Sergio Perez and Lewis Hamilton are neck and neck at the moment for a P2 finish in the Driver’s championship. Moreover, Aston Martin’s Fernando Alonso came on top of Sergio Perez in the last Grand Prix after a stunning fight. On the other hand, Lewis Hamilton and his teammate George Russell had a tough outing in the Brazilian Grand Prix. But Hamilton may try his best to beat Checo and finish on the podium if his car helps him to.

At the end of the Brazilian Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton seemed pretty disappointed with the car. He said he had been counting the days until he had to drive the W14 car. The seven-time champion must feel relieved after this season gets over. On the other hand, Sergio Perez has a lot to answer to his critics. And what is the better way to do that than finishing at P2?


Who’ll Finish At P2 This F1 Season – Lewis Hamilton Or Sergio Perez?

Sergio Perez Lewis Hamilton
Sergio Perez Lewis Hamilton Source: Sky Sports

As per F1 rules, if two drivers are at level points at the end of the season, then the number of GP wins will determine who gets on top. That way, Sergio Perez has the upper hand over Lewis Hamilton as the British driver is still winless. With two more races to go, there are still 52 points to race for. Lewis Hamilton will need some luck to keep the competition alive until the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Moreover, the Mercedes driver must keep in mind that he needs to beat Checo with more than a seven-point gap.

But if Sergio Perez beats Hamilton or loses by less than seven points to the Mercedes star, then he can claim the P2 spot. But what can raise the chances of Hamilton is a GP victory in the remaining two races. Can the seven-time champion end his losing streak? Moreover, the 104th Grand Prix victory can’t come at a better time for Lewis Hamilton. Otherwise, Sergio Perez might easily increase the gap between him and Hamilton. Eventually, the Austrian team will end up enjoying their first one-two finish at the Driver’s World Championship. 

Both Checo And Lewis Have A Lot To Prove This Season

George Russell Lewis Hamilton Mercedes Sergio Perez Red Bull
George Russell Lewis Hamilton Mercedes Sergio Perez Red Bull Source: The Mirror

Both drivers had a tough season because of the dominance of Max Verstappen. The Dutchman has already confirmed his championship victory this season. But a second-place finish is pretty satisfactory as well. If Lewis Hamilton beats Checo to a P2 finish in the competition, then it raises the chances for Mercedes to have a P2 finish in the constructor’s title. On the other hand, if the Mexican driver wins the P2 spot, then it will be the first time that Red Bull had a one-two finish in the Driver’s championship.

At present, Sergio Perez is enjoying a 32-point lead over Lewis Hamilton. That’s how close the two drivers are ahead of the Las Vegas Grand Prix. Hence, the next US GP can determine who will finish at P2. But both the Red Bull and Mercedes drivers must be wary of the progress of Lando Norris and Carlos Sainz in the last few races.