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Juan Soto was forced to switch teams for the third time in four years after San Diego agreed to a deal with the New York Yankees this off-season. Moreover, with the walk year on the horizon, Soto was fully aware of the upcoming short-term stint in the Bronx.

However, what Juan Soto didn’t expect was the homely feeling in an unknown environment. From fans to teammates to coaching staff, everybody has been extremely warm to Soto this year. However, a certain familiar face in the clubhouse is what truly helped the generational star get settled in the new scenery.


Juan Soto Grateful For Reunion With Ex-Nationals Coach At Bronx!

Juan Soto
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One of the most premium hitting coaches in MLB, Kevin Long, helped Juan Soto transform into a lethal beast hitter during his stint with the Washington Nationals. However, after Long’s departure to the Phillies, Soto felt vulnerable and found solace in assistant hitting coach Pat Roessler. Fortunately, the New York Yankees managed to convince Roessler to join the coaching staff ahead of Soto’s arrival from the Padres. And it indeed helps the generational star settle better in the unknown environment. Soto admitted that coming into a new place, finding a familiar figure who can help you out in difficult situations is always cool. The slugger added that he and Pat grew close on the common grounds of the old-school approach.

“He’s an old-school guy. I feel like everything that I do is, like, old-school mechanics. I feel like we’re on the same page,” said Juan Soto. He also added that Pat Roessler has been a grandfather-like figure for him as he always comes up with stories when he’s feeling down. “He’s like a grandfather. They always have cool stories and always try to make you smile,” added the slugger. As for Roessler, he enjoys Soto’s trust. The assistant hitting coach endorsed Juan Soto as a team player and somebody who always looks out for his peers. Of course, it’s too early to draw conclusions on how this relationship will aid New York Yankees’ quest for Soto’s extension. However, it will definitely help the slugger perform better in pinstripes in 2024.

Soto Surprised With Yankee Fans Electrifying Reception

Juan Soto
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Juan Soto stepped on to the Yankee Stadium for the first time in pinstripes last week and was met with energetic applause. From the roll call to the outfield play to the home run, Soto was hyped up at every move which left him extremely surprised and mesmerized. In post-match interview, Soto admitted how the fans have had his back throughout.

They have been showing him a lot of love, and it was about time that he rewarded them with some noteworthy performance. “It was pretty exciting to see all those fans,” said Soto. Overall, Juan Soto’s home debut was a successful event as the New York Yankees ended up with two series wins. And as the season progresses, Soto’s expected to be received well and cheered on at the iconic Yankee stadium.

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