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The Golden State Warriors had a rollercoaster ride in the 2023–24 NBA season, leaving fans eager for changes before the trade deadline. However, the team opted to stick with their roster, a decision now under scrutiny after their playoff exit against the Sacramento Kings. General manager Mike Dunleavy defended the choice, saying injuries weren’t as bad as feared. Yet, questions linger about missed opportunities, like potential trades for players like OG Anunoby. As the season ends, the focus shifts to the Warriors’ future plans. Did they make the right call by not shaking things up, or is change needed for success?

Mike Dunleavy’s Perspective Over Free Agency

Amidst the clamor for change, Warriors’ general manager Mike Dunleavy stood firm in his belief that the roster, as it stood, was the best option for the team’s future success. Addressing the media, Dunleavy articulated his rationale, pointing to the absence of significant injuries as a silver lining in an otherwise challenging season. He emphasized that regardless of any potential trades, the team’s limitations were evident, providing clarity for the path forward.


Dunleavy’s confidence in the roster’s potential was unwavering, despite the disappointment of their playoff exit. He highlighted the team’s resilience and the strides made in the latter half of the season, indicating that the core group possessed the necessary tools for success.

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While Dunleavy remained steadfast in his approach, rumors swirled around potential trade targets leading up to the deadline. Among them was then-Toronto Raptors forward OG Anunoby, whose defensive prowess and versatility could have bolstered the Warriors’ lineup. However, despite exploratory talks, no deal materialized, leaving the Warriors to rely on their existing roster for the remainder of the season.

The decision not to pursue blockbuster trades raised eyebrows among fans and analysts alike, especially in light of the team’s early struggles. With injuries and inconsistencies plaguing the Warriors at various points throughout the season, some argued that a shake-up could have provided the necessary spark to propel them to greater heights.

The Road Ahead For Warriors

As the Warriors reflect on their season and look ahead to the offseason, the spotlight shifts to their front office and their approach to roster construction. While Dunleavy remains steadfast in his belief in the current roster, the disappointment of falling short in the playoffs may prompt a reevaluation of their strategy.

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With the offseason presenting opportunities for roster adjustments and player acquisitions, all eyes will be on the Warriors’ front office as they navigate the complexities of the NBA landscape. Whether they choose to maintain course or pursue more aggressive measures remains to be seen, but one thing is certain: the pressure is on for the Warriors to reclaim their status as championship contenders.

In hindsight, the Warriors’ reluctance to make bold moves at the trade deadline raises questions about their future prospects. As they embark on the offseason journey, the Warriors must strike a balance between staying true to their core identity and embracing the necessary changes to remain competitive in a rapidly evolving league.