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ESPN Analyst Blasts Lakers For Benching Anthony Davis Despite His Injury Being Pain-Free

The Lakers came through an incredibly tough time since the start of the season. The team suffered from injuries and confusion with the balance of the roster. But the Lakers looked better after the February trade. Then again, injuries to key players dampened the mood in the camp. The leader of the Lakers, LeBron James, will stay out for the whole month probably because of a tendon injury in his right foot. The King is not looking to come back very soon.

Lakers Are Making Heavy Weather Of The Chance They’ve Got

D'Angelo Russell Lakers
D’Angelo Russell Lakers Vs Rockets

Meanwhile, Mo Bamba, a new entry after the February trade, is also out with an injury. But the good news for the Lakers has been the return of D’Angelo Russell and especially Anthony Davis. The Lakers have reached a critical juncture where they cannot afford to lose any more games. They have to make the most use of the remaining games to make it to the postseason. If the Lakers lose more games, it is safe to say that the top-six finish won’t be possible. But they should try to confirm their place in the top ten. The Lakers had been lucky with a comparatively easier schedule in the latter half of the regular season than most others.


The last game was against the weakest side of the Western Conference, the Houston Rockets. It was arguably the most straightforward game of all, but the Lakers missed the golden opportunity. The Rockets managed to beat the visitors at their home court. The Lakers stay put in 10th place. Fans blame AD’s absence to be the reason for this blunder. Even when Anthony Davis returned after injury, the head coach had revealed their plan not to let the eight-time All-Star put too much stress on his feet. It seemed like the right move initially, as it is an active injury. But AD mentioned that he is able to play pain-free.

Jefferson Not Happy With AD Sitting Out Against The Rockets

Anthony Davis Darvin Ham Lakers
Anthony Davis & Los Angeles Lakers’ Coach Darvin Ham On Court

Richard Jefferson of ESPN has got an issue with AD’s absence in the game against the Rockets. Anthony Davis scored an incredible 35 points in the thumping victory against the Pelicans. Immediately after that, he is not included in the lineup, but he and the coach, too, says that he is playing pain-free. Mr. Jefferson of ESPN says that does not make any sense. If AD had any soreness in his feet or something, that would probably answer the question. But other than that, it isn’t very clear. Jefferson says it is all about a player’s pain tolerance. That is what is making him baffled.        

Hence, the question is why he could not play the game against the Rockets to confirm an easy victory. These games are very tricky and need to be taken full advantage of. After James was gone, AD came to the team’s rescue. And, with his incredible performances, got the Lakers into the top ten. Previously, the Lakers were the 11th seed and sometimes even lower than that. But Davis and D’Angelo Russell were doing the trick for the team in the King’s absence. It was essential to get the most of them together to confirm their chances for the postseason. After the loss to the Rockets, the Lakers have only 12 games remaining.