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Dub Nation Buzzing As Warriors Are Slipping Away From Playoff Race

The Golden State Warriors are on the verge of missing out on the playoffs this year. It seems highly unlikely that the Dubs will make it to the top six after the regular season this year ends. But they might not even make it to the top ten, either. However, the fans can agree that since Draymond Green returned after his second suspension, the team has been looking better in defense. Moreover, the seven-time champions won their previous two games before meeting the Atlanta Hawks on Saturday. Despite Stephen Curry having an awesome night, scoring 60 points, he could not lead the team to victory against the Hawks.

Nevertheless, it could have been a three-match winning streak for the Warriors. But the Hawks beat them 141-134 in overtime. However, it was not the first time that the Dubs lost a game this season so narrowly. In this ongoing season, the fortune has not been favoring the Warriors that well. They must really hope to get things right after the February trade deadline. Moreover, the poor winning record of the Warriors this season has been making the fans really mad at their team. 


Fans Want Significant Changes As The Warriors Are Gradually Losing The Playoff Race

Warriors Source: Sporting News

Recently, Basketball Reference suggested that the Warriors have a 26.6% chance to qualify for the postseason. These statistics prove that the Dubs are now among the bottom-placed teams who have a slim but no chance to make the playoffs. It doesn’t make the Dub Nation any prouder. Instead, the fans are buzzing with frustration. Some said it is high time to disassemble the team and make necessary changes. Again, some mentioned that it is not 26.6% or anything, it is zero percent chance for the Dubs. Then, some more fans pointed out to the veteran trio that it is better if they end the era when they still have the respect.

But some specific Steph Curry fans suggest they should trade him to the LA Lakers. They claim that the three-point King is wasting his prime in San Francisco. However, the regular season is still far from over. The Dubs believe they can make necessary changes to turn things around this season. Only time can tell if they can raise their chances to make the postseason. But it does feel unfortunate that despite Steph scoring 60 points, the team lost and could not win three on the trot. 

The Dubs Can Make A Trade Deal With Chicago Bulls

Mike Dunleavy Jr. Warriors
Mike Dunleavy Jr. Warriors Source: ABC7 News

Other than the Warriors, the teams that have a very low chance of making the postseason this year are the Utah Jazz, the Memphis Grizzlies, the Portland Trail Blazers, and also the San Antonio Spurs. Among them, only the Jazz have 5.0% chance and other three teams have zero percent chance. Anyway, the Warriors are planning to make a trade deal with the Chicago Bulls. Alex Caruso might be a potential trade target for the Dubs.

They inquired about his asking price. However, the Warriors need a big man right now. But Caruso’s two-way talent can be very useful for the Golden State Warriors. Zach LaVine will undergo foot surgery that will end this season for him. The Bulls might look for blowing the All-Star duo and go a different path. It might benefit the Warriors instead. 

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