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CHECKOUT: Stephen Curry Joins Kobe Bryant In Exclusive Old-Man Club After 60-Point Night Vs Hawks

Stephen Curry and Kobe Bryant are two greats of the game. They have had a huge impact on the game and the NBA. Kobe Bryant was a true champion who won five titles in the NBA with the Los Angeles Lakers. And he also won two Olympic gold medals with Team USA. After his tragic death at the age of 41, he left an indelible legacy in the game. On the other hand, Steph is truly great in his own way. He has not participated in the Olympics yet. But he really changed the game forever. In his 14-year-long and illustrious career, Stephen Curry transformed the three-point shot into an ever so important tool for the players to win games.

Moreover, he led the Golden State Warriors into becoming the modern-day Dynasty. The San Francisco city-based franchise went on to win four championships in eight years. Steph was really the anchor of the team and the Dynasty. Like Kobe Bryant, the skinny kid from Akron, Ohio, is also a prolific scorer. In modern times, he is the Dub Nation’s favorite King Curry. Lately, King Curry joined the late great Kobe Bryant on an elite list. 


Stephen Curry Became The Second Player To Score 60 Points After Turning 35, Joining The Great Kobe Bryant

Stephen Curry Kobe Bryant
Stephen Curry Kobe Bryant Source: Sports Illustrated

There are only two players in the NBA history to score 60 points after their 35th birth anniversary – Kobe Bryant and Stephen Curry. The Warriors legend joined the great Lakers legend in the game against the Atlanta Hawks. Albeit, the Dubs lost that game, and it added to their frustration with the ongoing season. However, it seems like LeBron James, the other great from Akron, Ohio, also knows how to defy Father Time. Steph proves again and again that he has this never-giving-up attitude. Even when his team is going through a very tough time, the three-point King seems to be unstoppable.

After the reporters informed him about the historic achievement, Steph mentioned, “It’s pretty cool.” He was not sure if Kobe scored that 60 points in his last game. Nevertheless, Curry feels it is special, although they lost. Prior to that Hawks game, the team was coming off a back-to-back, and Curry said he was trying to keep the team in it. Stephen Curry was taking everything that the defense was able to provide him and made those shots. He is just thankful that a lot of those shots went in. 

Steph Feel The Frustration After Another Loss 

Stephen Curry Klay Thompson Splash Brothers Warriors
Stephen Curry Klay Thompson Splash Brothers Warriors Source: Sports Illustrated

Of all the shots he made against the Hawks, he wished the last one had gone in. He had a pretty good look at it. The team can celebrate individual performance like that. But Stephen Curry said it adds to the frustration of their season when they know they could have come away with a win.

Steph did everything he could to help the Dubs win, especially in the second half. Of the 60 points, he scored 41 in the last two quarters. King Curry scored 22 points alone in the fourth quarter, on 9 of 12 from the field. However, in the final seconds of the second half, Stephen Curry missed a layup right at the buzzer. That could have sealed the game for the Warriors. 

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