Steph Curry scores a game-high 39 points, Klay Thompson sets a new career high for 3-pointers, and Draymond Green ruffles some feathers in the Warriors’ huge win over the New Orleans Pelicans.

Stephen Curry has been a champion player for the Golden State Warriors ever since he started there. He is a two-time MVP and has helped the team win four titles in eight years. Clearly, Curry helped the San Francisco franchise become a modern-day dynasty. This year as well, the team had been cruising to the playoffs fluently until they met the Los Angeles Lakers in Round 2.

Curry once again led the side pretty well but could not prevent the 2-4 loss to the Lakers. This could be because he suffered from injuries a lot this season. Understandably, Steph was very sad about the rare playoff loss. But this is not the thing that could detest Stephen Curry. Apparently, Draymond Green, who has been Curry’s teammate since the first championship they won together for the Golden State Warriors in 2015, spoke about what Steph hates the most.


Draymond Green Explains What Stephen Curry Hates The Most

Stephen Curry
Stephen Curry Source: CNN

Recently, Draymond Green discussed on his podcast, The Draymond Green Show, what might have made Stephen Curry mad in the playoffs. He revealed that when the teammates start to worry about their shooting percentage dropping down, that leads to Curry’s outburst. Green even mentioned what Curry would say in such a situation, “I mean, it is the playoffs, people; let’s forget about shooting percentages going down. Take that risk for the team, will you?” Apparently, Stephen Curry described to him that there are players at the end of the quarter who just hold the ball to find someone to pass it so that their shooting percentage is not hampered. Stephen Curry, like LeBron James, is mainly motivated by winning competitions.

But this kind of behavior may cost the team a game and, eventually, a season. Draymond Green says on his podcast that it is unacceptable when the players forget about the team’s benefit because of their own records. During the last year’s NBA finals, Green was not performing well at all. Moreover, in the first five games, Green was shooting 9-32 and 0-11 from behind the arc. These performances surely pissed Stephen Curry off. And Green must be at the receiving end of getting an earful from Curry. On the other hand, Draymond was also part of a number of fouls, 24 in total. He could only score nine field goals. Despite all this, Curry still wants the core of the Warriors to stay intact for at least for another season.

Steph Wants The Core Of The Warriors To Stay Together For One More Year

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Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry, Draymond Green & Klay Thompson. Source: San Francisco Chronicle

A Warriors insider, Tim Kawakami, answered some questions from the mailbag of The Athletic. In that, there was a question a fan asked, “What about adding an aging star to help them extend their championship-winning habit?” Mr. Kawakami replied that the core would stay for another year as that is what Curry wants. He even acknowledged that “We kind of value Stephen Curry. There was even a possibility of LeBron James joining the Warriors rumor. Moreover, there is still a chance that might happen.” On the other hand, it is speculated that Draymond Green may opt out of his agreement in the final year. The long-time General Manager Bob Myers retired from his position as well. Hence, Green may opt out too. Thus the Golden States Warriors dynasty would fall apart soon.