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“Don’t Rush LeBron” Anthony Davis Does Not Want LeBron James To Rush Through The Ankle Injury At All!

LeBron James and Anthony Davis are both the pillars of the Los Angeles Lakers. The team will need both at their best to take them to the playoffs. The Lakers have currently picked themselves up to 12th seed in the Western Conference. They managed to win a couple of games in a row, which helped them to climb up to the 12th spot. But they could not maintain the streak as they lost to Memphis Grizzlies 109-121 on Tuesday. That makes them 29-33 at the moment.

But unfortunately, as things stand, the Lakers will miss their star for the majority of the remaining twenty games. LeBron James suffered a foot injury making him unavailable for the next two or three weeks at least. It was undoubtedly a huge blow to the team’s goal for the remaining period of the regular season. But the King was present at the game against the Grizzlies to support and cheer for his team.


Anthony Davis Advises King To Get Fit First

Anthony Davis LeBron James
Anthony Davis & LeBron James (Lakers)

Albeit, the game against the Memphis team did not end on a happy note for the Lakers. LeBron James, for sure, was keen to help his team in any way he could. He must have been dying to get on the court, but his fellow star of the team, Anthony Davis, tried to calm him down. AD obviously knows how it feels to stay outside the court with injury when the team really needs him. He, too, had missed a lot of games in the ongoing season when King James single-handedly was carrying the team on his shoulders.

Anthony Davis says that if the Lakers manage to qualify for the playoffs, the team would need both its stars to come to the party. He realizes it is going to be tough from this moment without LeBron James getting on the court. Nonetheless, AD wants King James to focus on the recovery process because that is more important at present. Anthony Davis says, “Don’t rush LeBron. When you come back, you will need to be totally fit and fine. As the onus is on us to win the games for the team.”

LeBron James Faced Hostile Memphis Supporters

During the game against the Grizzlies, when King James came to show support for his team, a hostile crowd greeted him. The Memphis fans are famous for being passionate about their team, and it was quite evident in that game. LeBron James came onto the bench during the second quarter. He wore a walking boot on the right foot that got injured. But the crowd became a little insensitive as they started booing LeBron James.

The Grizzlies and the Lakers have a long history that might have instigated the crowd to react in that fashion. But the team without James is not too sure to make it to the postseason. As they lost that match against the hostile crowd at the FedEx Forum. Only time will tell if the Lakers manage to keep themselves alive and hopeful till the King comes back. The Lakers will face the 13th-seed Thunder tomorrow. They will need to start winning again, as only twenty games remain.