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Dodgers Reliever Jokes About Giving Up His Jersey Number To Aaron Judge If Trade Happened

Aaron Judge seems set on a path to becoming a Yankee for life after he signed a nine-year extension contract in 2022. After debuting in 2016, the towering slugger has only achieved success and established himself as one of the most coveted players in Major League Baseball.

However, Aaron Judge could have ended up with the Giants had Hal Steinbrenner not made that deceptive phone call. The idea of Judge playing for any other team than the Bronx is baffling for the Yankee fans. However, one Dodgers reliever recently expressed his desire to welcome Judge in Los Angeles and promised to make a heartening gesture.


Joe Kelly To Make The Ultimate Sacrifice If Aaron Judge Lands With Dodgers

Joe Kellly
Joe Kelly throws during a game between the Dodgers and Cincinnati Reds in September. (Aaron Doster / Associated Press)

In a lighthearted moment, LA Dodgers reliever Joe Kelly recently made waves with a playful comment about potentially giving up his jersey number to New York Yankees star outfielder Aaron Judge in the event of a trade. Kelly was in conversation with Sports Net when he made the sarcastic joke. Apparently, Kelly gave away his No. 17 jersey to Shohei Ohtani and chose No. 99 for himself. Notably, no.99 is Aaron Judge’s iconic pinstripe jersey number, which he has been sporting since his debut. Thus, Kelly joked that if the team needs him to give up no.99 to Judge in case they were planning to trade him, he is up for it. Having said that, the remark drew attention not only for its humor but also for the acknowledgment of Judge’s stature.

As one of the game’s premier talents, Aaron Judge’s name carries significant weight. Moreover, the notion of a player willingly surrendering his jersey number to accommodate him speaks volumes about the respect and admiration he commands among his peers. While the comment was made in jest, it sparked playful speculation among fans and analysts about the potential implications of such a trade. The idea of Aaron Judge donning Dodger blue and white pinstripes sent imaginations running wild. However, it’s important to note that the comment was made purely in jest and should not be interpreted as indicative of any imminent trade. Judge is very much committed to serving the Yankees for potentially the rest of his career. He won’t give up on New York until he wins a World Series title in pinstripes.

Judge Eyeing Strong Comeback After ‘Embarrassing’ 2023 Season

Aaron Judge

The 2023 MLB season didn’t pan out as the New York Yankees would have hoped. They finished outside the postseason with an abysmal 82-80 record. However, going forward into the new season, captain Aaron Judge shared a promising outlook on the team’s environment. He said a lot of players were embarrassed with the results last year.

They looked at each other and promised that such a disastrous event would not unfold ever again. “It shows this is a dedicated group, a group that wants to go out here and right the ship,” added Aaron Judge. The captain concluded, saying his best season with the Yankees would be the one where he would lift the World Series trophy in New York.

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