Lewis Hamilton
Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton talks to reporters after qualifying in Japan (AP)

Mercedes faithful Lewis Hamilton will be driving for Ferrari next year in a move to embrace new challenges on his final stint. However, before the fateful transfer could take place, the Briton has to endure one final stint with the struggling Silver Arrows until the end of the year.

Mercedes had had a below-average start to the F1 season this year, with both drivers struggling to fetch points. Moreover, Lewis Hamilton has been outperformed by his teammate George Russell multiple times, thus adding to the frustration. The boiling tensions exploded when a reporter tickled a wrong nerve of Hamilton in a post-race interview in Japan.


Lewis Hamilton Stormed Out Of Media Room After Reporter Mentioned Ferrari Future!

Lewis Hamilton
Credit: crash.net

Mercedes once again faced mountainous challenges at the Japanese Grand Prix as both drivers, Lewis Hamilton and George Russell, collectively fetched eight points. For Hamilton, particularly, the challenges were steep as Russell outqualified him for the fourth time this season. Not only that, the seven-time world champion had to sacrifice track position to George as he witnessed grave issues with the car. Naturally, the Brit wasn’t in the right frame of mind and perhaps could have avoided talking to the media if not for the mandatory duties. However, Lewis had a showdown with a reporter in a post-race interview when the latter mentioned his Ferrari future whilst he was still wrapping his head around what conspired in Japan.

Lewis Hamilton’s patience ran out, and he hit back at the reporter for asking silly questions. He asked the journalist if he had any better questions in store before storming out of the media room in intense frustration. The reporter basically asked Lewis Hamilton if he is jealous looking at Ferrari‘s pace and how he plans to transcend in 2025. Meanwhile, the British driver, clearly in pain over the race weekend results, got irked by the unnecessary questions and chose to abort the media session to avoid further meltdown. Needless to say, a slow start to the year has been extremely hard on Hamilton, who just wished to witness a fairy tale ending with the team he spent a decade with. However, Mercedes’ never-ending woes continue to play spoilsport as Lewis’ motivation and hunger to drive at his full potential is hanging by a thread.

Hamilton Explains Why He Let George Russell Pass In Suzuka!

Credit: formula1news.co.uk

In an interesting moment during the Japanese Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton was heard on the team radio taking the call to let George Russell pass him willingly. Explaining the core reason, Hamilton said he had picked up damage to his car during his first stint as Charles Leclerc ran into him from the outside.

After that, Lewis Hamilton witnessed a huge understeer and was unable to turn the car around in all the corners of the Suzuka circuit. Hence, he decided to let Russell fight ahead with a much more stable car and earn some good points for Mercedes. Hamilton’s plan worked to an extent as George Russell finished P7 with six points, whereas Lewis settled at P9 for 2 points.

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