DJ LeMahieu
Yankees infielder DJ LeMahieu didn’t start Wednesday’s game in Cleveland due to quad soreness.AP

DJ LeMahieu joined the New York Yankees prior to the 2019 season and quickly established himself as one of the team’s most valuable players. With his exceptional hitting skills, disciplined approach, and ability to spray hits to all fields, he became a dominant force at the top of the Yankees’ lineup. In 2020, he was even crowned the American League batting champion, solidifying his status as a key offensive contributor.

However, ever since his toe injury in 2022, the infielder has witnessed a form slump. While DJ LeMahieu returned in full health, the form could not really translate into something worthwhile. LeMahieu, who turned 34 earlier this year, is at an age where players tend to decline. There are worries that his recent performance might be an indication of a more permanent regression. Hence, the Yankees fans remain worried about DJ’s future in the pinstripes.


DJ LeMahieu Benched Amid Form Slump

DJ LeMahieu
Yanks go yard

Infielder DJ LeMahieu earned a name in MLB through his sheer hitting abilities. He has won two batting champion awards and made it to the all-star team thrice. However, the 2023 season has been a different story for LeMahieu. His batting average has dropped to a career-low of .250, and the OPS has also stooped to .669. Not only that, the main concern is DJ’s high strikeout rate. He has struck out 49 times in the last 182 plate appearances. The LeMahiue that the Yankee fans know is a completely different person.

Meanwhile, amid the slump, the Yankees decided to rest DJ LeMahieu in the recent game against the Baltimore Orioles. However, the manager, Aaron Boone, confirmed that DJ’s resting DJ had nothing to do with his form. Yes, his numbers have stopped to a new low this season. But is he confident of the infielder making a comeback really soon? Boone also pointed out that the baseman is struggling with the strike zone and playing somewhat differently from his usual approach. Despite the concerns, it’s important to remember LeMahieu’s track record and the positive impact he has had on the Yankees’ lineup in the past. The infielder is experienced and knows how to come out of such situations.

Offensive Struggle Doom The Yankees Against The Orioles

DJ LeMahieu (L), Anthony Volpe (R)

After winning the thriller series opener, the New York Yankees ended up losing the series to Baltimore Orioles. But what happened all of a sudden? It’s the same old offense troubles. One of the main concerns is the performance of top prospect Anthony Volpe. While the shortstop pulled off his first career walk-off in the series opener, his bat has stayed quiet for most of the season so far. No doubt he is a rookie, but as a top prospect, fans expect more from the shortstop. He is currently going on a 3-for-29 stretch, with an average below .200.

On the other hand, DJ LeMahieu missed the game as the Yankees gave him an off-day following a rare blunder in the opening game. With runners in the corner, DJ had the opportunity to score, which he blew away with a failed bunt attempt. It would have ended badly for the Yankees had Aaron Judge failed in scoring the game-tying home run. DJ’s average has dropped to a career-low, and it’s high time he pulls up his socks.