Aaron Judge
Fans watch as New York Yankees’ Aaron Judge comes to bat during the third inning of the team’s baseball game against the Baltimore Orioles on Friday, Sept. 30, 2022, in New York. (AP Photo/Adam Hunger

Ever since Aaron Judge burst into the MLB scenes in 2017, the world knew he was not just another kid on the block. The New York Yankees star slugger was destined for greatness, and he proved it in his rookie season by slamming 54 home runs. That feat earned him the Rookie of the Year award and also made him a fan favorite in the Bronx.

From then, the slugger just kept on raising the bar. In 2022, Aaron Judge hit league-high 62 home runs and instilled his name in the books of history. Moreover, the historic feat earned him a gigantic $360 million contract along with the captaincy badge of the $7 billion franchise. Meanwhile, this season, the slugger faced a few difficulties in terms of scoring due to injuries. But still managed to stay afloat, which impressed the MLB radio host, Craig Carton.


Craig Carton Claims Aaron Judge Will Go Down As The Greatest Yankee Of All Time

Aaron Judge
Aaron Judge #99 swings his bat in the on-deck circle. Twitter NYY

The New York Yankees have a glorious century-old legacy in the sport of Major League Baseball. Many legends, such as Babe Ruth and Derek Jeter, played in the pinstripes and produced wonders. Back in the day, the Yankees were known as the legend-producing machine due to their unimaginable amount of talent. Every decade, they produce a player who goes down as one of the greatest sports has ever produced. The last Yankee who earned the Hall of Fame tag was shortstop Derek Jeter owing to his valuable contribution to the sport of baseball. Now, an MLB radio host named Craig Carton has made a bold prediction on another Yankee who will reportedly outclass all the previous legends of the club.

Craig Carton, during one of his radio shows, reckoned that Yankees slugger and captain, Aaron Judge, would go down in history as the greatest Yankee of all time. Craig further added that old-school baseball fans might not like his opinion. But five to seven years down the line, the statement would make much more sense. The radio host believes that he has not seen anyone without a steroid history achieve such great feats at a young age. Lastly, Craig signed off by saying that the Yankees fans have nothing to worry about and must sit back and enjoy greatness being unfolded.

Judge Brings Along A Cute Companion On Field, Fans Cannot Stop Gushing Over It

Aaron Judge
YES Network

Yankees captain Aaron Judge remains a lethal 6-foot-7 beast on the plate. However, inside the gigantic body exists a soft heart that remains largely unknown to the fans. However, as an exception, fans got to witness the playful side of their captain during the Yankee’s recent training session. Apparently, the slugger has welcomed a new pet dog named Gus. The slugger brought him on the field and was seen having a gala time.

The video quickly went viral, and the fans could not help but love the chemistry between the duo. It’s not every day the fans get to see this side of Aaron Judge. The slugger remains an avid animal lover and also has another dog named Penny. Remember, Anthony Rizzo apparently used his dogs to emotionally blackmail Judge into resigning with the Yankees, which surprisingly worked.