DJ LeMahieu

DJ LeMahieu is the name that all the Yankees fans missed during the end of the 2022 season. He was doing great initially in the season. But unfortunately, a very painful plot change was waiting for him after the second half of the season. He got an injury during the season, which led to his foot being fractured. He still tried playing. But, with a broken bone, no one could meet his standard. So, DJ also could only smash a mediocre score. The way LeMahieu got injured made one thing sure that he would need surgery.

However, instead of surgery, DJ recovered with just rehab and complete rest under the proper doctor’s supervision. The off-season was utilized well, and finally, DJ LeMahieu can stand the same strength as before. Not only he got a faster recovery, but he also got another level of power also. Now the 34 years Yankees player can do the things that he could not do even when he was not injured at all.


The hitting coach, Dillon Lawson, who saw LeMahieu doing reps at third base during the practice session, reveals a lot of improvements in the player. Lawson first reported that DJ was all good. He is looking healthy. Speaking of the weight room, LeMaheiu is doing great. And also, in the defense and hitting section, he is performing very well.

Looking At The Injury It Was Hard To Say If Dj LeMahieu Will Return

The Yankees’ hitting coach said, “DJ LeMahieu is pushing with everything. He is able to do it.” Looking at how the 2022 season ended for the 33-year-old Yankees player, anyone would have said that he won’t be able t return back in the way he did. “You would not think anything of it, but we all saw that happening,” said Dillon.

The best thing about LeMahieu’s comeback is that this time he is able to make swings. This is one of the skills that he could not do even when he was not injured at all. During the 2022 practice session, He was unable to rotate into the ball, but during the training of 2023, DJ LeMahieu “said he is able to do everything that he needs to do.” It includes the inside of the pitch and also the outside, up or down. Everywhere he is doing great.


DJ LeMahieu is one of the valuable postseason and stretch-run personalities of the Yankees who were missing in the 2022 season. With LeMahieu’s weak performance, which was a result of his foot fracture, the Yankees were powerless. Now that the team has got him back with power like never before, the Yankees are all set to win the 2023 championship. Now let’s hope for a safe season for the player.

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