DJ LeMahieu

The New York Yankees spent every second of the offseason doing everything to can to build a strong squad for the upcoming season. Meanwhile, one important piece needed to fulfill the Yankees; plans for the next season is a fit and available DJ LeMahieu. The Infielder suffered a serious injury in his right toe towards the end of the 2022 MLB season. Since there, the Yankees have been concerned about when he will heal and be able to rejoin the bullpen. 

What\’s The Update on DJ LeMahieu\’s Injury?

DJ LeMahieu

DJ LeMahieu\’s second consecutive season of failure and postseason absence due to injury was witnessed by the Yankees. He had a.355 OPS in his final 103 PAs due to a toe ailment that led him to struggle late in the game. He nonetheless recorded a respectable 116 wRC+ for the season. LeMahieu is one of the best leadoff hitters in the league and a high-OBP contact machine. The Yankees\’ starting lineup was missing his presence. As December comes to an end, the 34-year-old Infielder is already showing encouraging signs of recovery, which might be crucial for this team.


LeMahieu had been exercising at the Tampa Yankees\’ Spring Training facilities in an effort to gauge his physical condition. LeMahieu has been allowed to participate in baseball-related activities, much to the joy of the Yankees\’ medical team. According to a source, Dan Martin of the New York Post, his fractured toe is not anticipated to require surgery. DJ Lemahieu would be prepared to play on Opening Day if this were the case.

What Would The Yankees Starting Team Look Like?

Over the next months, the Yankees must sort through a jam in the infield. Josh Donaldson and his excessive salary have been the target of general manager Brian Cashman\’s efforts. However, considering his baggage, there haven\’t been any takers. Gleyber Torres may be better off for the Yankees as a trade chip than as a starter in 2023, according to some speculation. It\’s not a terrible idea to have Torres on hand as a safety net because DJ LeMahieu has a toe ailment that might affect him next year.


DJ LeMahieu was a superior defensive 3B in 2022, and a 119 wRC+ is predicted for him in 2023. He played at the position for 385.2 innings, recording 7 DRS and 4 OAA, matching Josh Donaldson\’s 42.7% DRS rate. Despite having below-average arm strength, he is a very gifted defender with excellent finishing skills. LeMahieu may bat in the leadoff spot every day and have an OBP between.350 and.360.

The team could start with Anthony Rizzo and Gleyber Torres as the first and second basemen, respectively. If LeMahieu is fit and available, he could be their shortstop while Aaron Judge is the third baseman. 

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